Putin Drills Russian Troops At Ukraine’s Doorstep

Another U.S. foreign policy failure in the making. History tells us what to expect. President Obama says a lot of words. Putin ignores him, says that the conflict was started by the United States, and takes troops into a sovereign state. Just like what happened in the former Soviet state of Georgia in 2008.

And our president makes himself and the United States look like the paper tiger that he has made it out to be. Under “normal” circumstances, this would be not only unexpected, but unthinkable. But we have a different president than our country has ever seen. President Obama’s actions tell a different story. What we just may be seeing develop before our very eyes is what the president called his “flexibility” after his 2012 election. The subject at that moment was nuclear arms. Now he is downsizing the military. So when Sec. of State John Kerry tells his Russian counterpart to stay out of Ukraine’s business, coming from his boss, Putin knows that it is with a wink and a nod.

In other words, to the Ukrainian people yearning for freedom, you’re on your own. Depending on their access to international news, they may already know that the U.S. can no longer be trusted to stand up for freedom, and them, as long as President Obama is in The White House.

Link: Putin Drills Ground Troops at Ukraine’s Doorstep as U.S. Warns Against Intervention – NYTimes.com  |  Putin’s Russia Is Raping And Molesting Georgia  |  Eleven Months Ago, Romney-Obama Third Debate

Tea Party Fund-Raising Beating G.O.P. Establishment

All you need to know about why people like Ted Cruz are being so demonized by his own party, is that republicans and conservatives are fed up with the G.O.P. establishment. They, I’ll include myself in this bunch, are not going to see their contributions wasted on Democrat-lite candidates, or on candidates not willing to stand up for the principles we all used to believe in. Consequently, conservatives and republicans are sending their contributions to organizations and candidates of their choosing. Not to the RNC, RNCC, or RNSC, the establishment. And the establishment is being out-raised.

Here’s how the New York Times characterizes the tea party types:

Insurgent conservatives seeking to pull the Republican Party to the right raised more money last year than the groups controlled by the party establishment, whose bulging bank accounts and ties to major donors have been their most potent advantage in the running struggle over the party’s future, according to new campaign disclosures and interviews with officials.

Message to the RNC, RNCC, RNSC. It’s only going to get worse, for you, unless you start backing real conservatives and begin standing up for the principles you say you stand for.

via Fund-Raising by G.O.P. Rebels Outpaces Party Establishment

Stimulus Is 5 Years Old

President Obama, after delivering remarks at Organizing for Action’s “National Organizing Summit” in Washington. For money for roads, rail, bridges and infrastructure.

Unemployment is higher than Obama’s worse case scenario had the stimulus not been done. Workforce participation, the number of Americans still working, is at its lowest level since Jimmy Carter. Record number of people on public welfare. Food Stamp spending has more than doubled since 2008. Median family income has fallen every year for the last five years, and is much worse for Black families than any other demographic. And the national debt went from $9 trillion to $17.3 trillion.

Yet, at every State of the Union show, you will hear President Obama cry out for “investments” for roads, rail, bridges, infrastructure. And the low information crowd, and Democrats in the chamber, cheer. Problem is, they are painfully ignorant of the fact that despite the annual appeals for more money, the Obama administration still has not spent more than 10% of the so-called stimulus money on roads, rail, bridges, and infrastructure.

And just today asks for $302 Billion more. Obama knows the media, the low information crowd, and progressive acolytes will believe what he says and won’t follow what he does. He also knows that he’ll get whatever money he wants when he says it is for roads, rail, bridges, infrastructure, and education.

An example of how the media, literally regurgitates the White House talking points as “news.”

“This vision will show how we can invest in the things we need to grow and create jobs by closing unfair tax loopholes, lowering tax rates, and making the system more fair,” the White House said in a statement previewing his speech, set for 3:05 p.m. EST.

The transfer of wealth, and the growth of government, continues.


‘Austerity’ Isn’t What It Appears

In what could qualify for the MRIOD award where the defense budget is concerned, if President Obama really does cut the military back to pre-WWII levels, don’t think for a second that you won’t hear how that so-called ‘saving’ is going to be spent on something other than paying down the national debt.

We heard this before. Like when the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan come to an end (win or retreat lose), we can spend that money ‘saved’ (actually borrowed) on ‘roads, bridges,  infrastructure, and schools.’ But he’s got so many more special interests to pay off now. Unions wanting relief from Obamacare, businesses wanting relief from Obamacare, people wanting relief from Obamacare, unemployment compensation fund backfilling, and of course, those green technology ‘investments.’ The list goes on. So don’t think for a New York second that whatever phony numbers this administration says it can save, it will spend, in spades.

Imagine the chutzpah of this administration to claim they’ve been austere in spending the people’s money when they’ve grown our national debt from $9 trillion to $17.3 trillion in the first six years of his term. Projected to be $26 trillion in 10 years. Then imagine the wisdom of cutting our national defenses instead of cutting the size of the government.

Blacks Killing Themselves

In New York City for 2012. . .

31,328 – number of black babies killed by abortion

24,758 – number of black babies born

Black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in NYC, which is 19% Black.

Any questions?


I’m Black. Don’t shoot me!


I’m Black. Don’t kill me!

How can anyone defend this wiping out of the Black population? How can we build a middle class when we’re killing our children faster that we’re raising them? And how can President Obama and the likes of Jesse Sharpton sleep at night when their social policies support such genocide? Or blackocide?

Article V, The Antidote

A couple of excerpts from The Liberty Amendments, written by bestselling author, attorney, president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, talk radio host Mark R. Levin, who worked in the Reagan administration and was chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese.

The book details a plan, a path, some even call the rip-cord, for preserving the government as the founders intended from an over-reaching one as exists today. It was so important, it was put in the Constitution in Article V.

The delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention and the delegates to each state’s ratification convention foresaw a time when the Federal government might breach the Constitution’s limits and begin oppressing the people. Agencies such as the IRS and EPA and programs such as Obamacare demonstrate that the Framers’ fear was prescient.

The founders knew that in the event of an over-reaching or out-of-control branch, or branches, of federal government, the states needed a remedy to correct, since the tyrannical branch(s) in question would never allow itself to be corrected. This is what Article V was written for.

Prior to his inauguration, do you remember president-elect Obama saying we were just days away from “fundamentally transforming the United States of America?”

By this, of course, President Barack Obama did not mean a fresh allegiance to the nation’s founding principles and a new respect for the Constitution’s limits on federal authority, but the converse. He is more blatant and aggressive than his twentieth-century predecessors, but faithfully follows the footsteps of the most transgressive among them.

Having delegated broad lawmaking power to executive branch departments and agencies of its own creation, contravening the separation-of-powers doctrine, Congress now watches as the president inflates the congressional delegations even further and proclaims repeatedly the authority to rule by executive fiat in defiance of, or over the top of, the same Congress that sanctioned a domineering executive branch in the first place. Notwithstanding Congress’s delinquency, but because of it, an unquenched President Obama, in a hurry to expedite a societal makeover, has repeatedly admonished Congress that “[i]f [it] won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will!”—that is, if Congress will not genuflect to his demands, and pass laws to his liking, he will act on his own.

And the president has made good on his refrain. On a growing list of matters, he has, in fact, displayed an impressive aptitude for imperial rule. With the help of a phalanx of policy “czars,” from immigration, the environment, and labor law to health care, welfare, and energy, the president has exercised his executive “discretion” to create new law, abrogate existing law, and generally contrive ways to exploit legal ambiguities as a means to his ends. He has also declared the Senate in recess when it was not, thereby bypassing the Senate’s constitutional “advice and consent” role to install several partisans in top federal posts.

What was to be a relatively innocuous federal government, operating from a defined enumeration of specific grants of power, has become an ever-present and unaccountable force. It is the nation’s largest creditor, debtor, lender, employer, consumer, contractor, grantor, property owner, tenant, insurer, healthcare provider, and pension guarantor. Moreover, with aggrandized police powers, what it does not control directly it bans or mandates by regulation.

A convention of the states, per Article V of the Constitution is the antidote for such a tyrannical federal government.

Article V sets forth the two processes for amending the Constitution, the second of which I have emphasized in italics:

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress.

Read Chapter One of The Liberty Amendments below. Courtesy of its author, Mark R. Levin.

Link: Convention of States

Margaret Sanger, The Negro Project, Black History Month

What better time than Black History Month to recall the roots of Planned Parenthood. The brainchild of Margaret Sanger, who believed in the eugenics of “refining” the “Aryan” race.

Beginning with the ABCL (American Birth Control League). The ABCL became a legal entity on April 22, 1922, in New York. Before that, Sanger illegally operated a birth control clinic in October 1916, in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York, which eventually closed. The clinic serviced the poor immigrants who heavily populated the area—those deemed “unfit” to reproduce. In 1942, the ABCL became part of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Malthusian Eugenics

Margaret Sanger aligned herself with the eugenicists whose ideology prevailed in the early 20th century. Eugenicists strongly espoused racial supremacy and “purity,” particularly of the “Aryan” race. Eugenicists hoped to purify the bloodlines and improve the race by encouraging the “fit” to reproduce and the “unfit” to restrict their reproduction. They sought to contain the “inferior” races through segregation, sterilization, birth control and abortion.

It was Margaret Sanger’s goal to abort as many Black babies as possible. To eliminate “the dangers of uncontrolled procreation.” If you’ve never heard this before, this article, The Negro Project and Margaret Sanger, sums it up nicely. It shows how she used prominent Black leaders to buy into her idea by deceiving them.

Sanger suggested the answer to poverty and degradation lay in smaller numbers of blacks. She convinced black civic groups in Harlem of the “benefits” of birth control, under the cloak of “better health” (i.e., reduction of maternal and infant death; child spacing) and “family planning.” So with their cooperation, and the endorsement of The Amsterdam News (a prominent black newspaper), Sanger established the Harlem branch of the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau. The ABCL told the community birth control was the answer to their predicament.

The ethnic cleansing in New York City is, by Margaret Sanger’s standards, moving along nicely. In 2012, there were more Black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758), and the Black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple. Despite the fact Blacks represent less than 15 percent of the population.

I’m Black. Don’t shoot me.
I’m Black.
Don’t kill me.

What’s wrong with this picture?

President Obama MIA In FCC Flap

What began years ago, but didn’t go into motion until late last year when the FCC was fully staffed with a Democrat majority, is another government regulatory agency putting its nose where it doesn’t belong.

What’s happening is a different angle to stifle free speech when it comes to political opposition. They tried it with the Fairness Doctrine, and failed. So now the commission has come up with the idea that the American people have “critical information needs.” And of course, they’ll tell us what those needs are, ostensibly to ensure that the collective press comply. How great is that if your intent is to control the media?

Here’s how the press is supposed to work. They report on what happened, or is happening. Of course, for the most part, it’s not like that any longer. The media watchdog died five years ago. Now, for the most part, it has become an extension of the administration’s propaganda wing.

Is is instructive that Mr. Constitutional Professor, our president, is mute on this whole episode. And, there’s no point in even asking him about it because he’ll say he didn’t know about it until he read it in the newspaper. How’s that for irony? There is nothing the government has to do or say about “the press,” how it gathers its information, or what it reports.

Here’s what the President should do. But won’t. He’s a big fan of using his pen nowadays to write executive orders. He should instruct all agencies of the government to allow news reporters, upon request, to monitor their goings on in committee rooms and meetings. Anywhere decisions are made. So the American people will be able to fulfill what they decide is their “critical information needs.” Lest we forget, it is “the press” that has that guaranteed right, not the government, president, or the FCC.

Judge Arenda Wright Allen Needs Emergency Surgury

Federal Judge Overturns Virginia’s Ban on Same Sex Marriage

There’s no better example why Progressives put so much emphasis on stacking the courts with fellow travelers who they know will advance the agenda, even if it means ignoring the law and overturning laws created under due process. But this decision goes beyond ignoring the law. This federal judge, Arenda Wright Allen, in striking down marriage-equality-reutersVirginia’s ban on same-sex marriage, in the first page of her opinion wrote, “Our Constitution declares that ‘all men’ are created equal. Surely this means all of us.”

The low information crowd, like this person (gender of whom is not clear) of course eat this up. No doubt glad that a judge gave them what they wanted, which was the new definition of marriage. Well, it did take a judge. But a judge that has her head up her ass where the law is concerned.

For it is the Declaration of Independence that says “all men are created equal.” That was the document that told King George III to go F himself. That we are no longer subjects of the Crown. And that we, the colonies, are our own keeper.

This case was based around the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause. Sorry but, gays are not prevented from getting married as Judge Allen suggests Virginia’s ban on gay marriage says. A gay man can marry any woman (gay or straight) he wants, and a lesbian can marry any man (gay or straight) she wants. In that respect, both straights and gays have the same right to marry and have equal protection to do just that.

Obama Wins M.R.I.O.T.D. Award, Low Info Economists

In his latest appeal to the low information crowd for raising the minimum wage to $10.10/hr., in his usual style, President Obama puts his social media machine to use. This time, asking for stories from people who think they’ll benefit from it.

Here’s some he put in an official email from The White House . . .

Raising the minimum wage will allow me and my family to live comfortably, not worry about living from paycheck to paycheck.
Vennatte E., Huntsville, TX

It would give me a chance to save something for the future of my kids and grandchildren.
Malissa M., Bloxom, VA

This would help out single parents like me to help finish raising their kids alone on one income.
Idrissa S., Oglethorpe, GA

It will help me save money to go to the college of my dreams and help me lift the burden off my mother.
Shelby S., Long Beach, CA

Do you see the opportunity President Obama has here? It’s obvious to me that Vennatte E. from Huntsville, TX needs to be on the president’s council of economic advisors. Because if she knows how to live comfortably on a minimum wage job, then think of what she could do for the country if she could teach Obama how to cut the debt?

For this nonsensical community organizing tactics disguised as presidential leadership, President Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmmm, mmm) wins the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day award.