Obama Wins M.R.I.O.T.D. Award, Low Info Economists

In his latest appeal to the low information crowd for raising the minimum wage to $10.10/hr., in his usual style, President Obama puts his social media machine to use. This time, asking for stories from people who think they’ll benefit from it.

Here’s some he put in an official email from The White House . . .

Raising the minimum wage will allow me and my family to live comfortably, not worry about living from paycheck to paycheck.
Vennatte E., Huntsville, TX

It would give me a chance to save something for the future of my kids and grandchildren.
Malissa M., Bloxom, VA

This would help out single parents like me to help finish raising their kids alone on one income.
Idrissa S., Oglethorpe, GA

It will help me save money to go to the college of my dreams and help me lift the burden off my mother.
Shelby S., Long Beach, CA

Do you see the opportunity President Obama has here? It’s obvious to me that Vennatte E. from Huntsville, TX needs to be on the president’s council of economic advisors. Because if she knows how to live comfortably on a minimum wage job, then think of what she could do for the country if she could teach Obama how to cut the debt?

For this nonsensical community organizing tactics disguised as presidential leadership, President Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmmm, mmm) wins the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day award.