President Obama MIA In FCC Flap

What began years ago, but didn’t go into motion until late last year when the FCC was fully staffed with a Democrat majority, is another government regulatory agency putting its nose where it doesn’t belong.

What’s happening is a different angle to stifle free speech when it comes to political opposition. They tried it with the Fairness Doctrine, and failed. So now the commission has come up with the idea that the American people have “critical information needs.” And of course, they’ll tell us what those needs are, ostensibly to ensure that the collective press comply. How great is that if your intent is to control the media?

Here’s how the press is supposed to work. They report on what happened, or is happening. Of course, for the most part, it’s not like that any longer. The media watchdog died five years ago. Now, for the most part, it has become an extension of the administration’s propaganda wing.

Is is instructive that Mr. Constitutional Professor, our president, is mute on this whole episode. And, there’s no point in even asking him about it because he’ll say he didn’t know about it until he read it in the newspaper. How’s that for irony? There is nothing the government has to do or say about “the press,” how it gathers its information, or what it reports.

Here’s what the President should do. But won’t. He’s a big fan of using his pen nowadays to write executive orders. He should instruct all agencies of the government to allow news reporters, upon request, to monitor their goings on in committee rooms and meetings. Anywhere decisions are made. So the American people will be able to fulfill what they decide is their “critical information needs.” Lest we forget, it is “the press” that has that guaranteed right, not the government, president, or the FCC.