Media v. Israel

Finally, after weeks of interference from President Joe Biden, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu begins wiping out the terrorist regime in Gaza, from Gaza. Israel didn’t start this war, but they intend on finishing it by killing the enemy that uses its own citizens as human shields. Defeating the enemy is the path to peace. A couple world wars proves that.

What’s sickening about this is the media narrative, and Biden talking out of both sides of his mouth saying that Israel has every right to defend itself, but the US and Israel have to send humanitarian aid to Gaza, before the war is over. On top of that, the UN (Useless Nations) is blaming Israel for starting this war, and is singing the same song.

War sucks and innocent civilians get killed. That’s the nature of war. Makes one wonder if WW1 and WW2 would have had a different outcome if the same media existed then as exists today. Your mileage may vary.

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