Stimulus Is 5 Years Old

President Obama, after delivering remarks at Organizing for Action’s “National Organizing Summit” in Washington. For money for roads, rail, bridges and infrastructure.

Unemployment is higher than Obama’s worse case scenario had the stimulus not been done. Workforce participation, the number of Americans still working, is at its lowest level since Jimmy Carter. Record number of people on public welfare. Food Stamp spending has more than doubled since 2008. Median family income has fallen every year for the last five years, and is much worse for Black families than any other demographic. And the national debt went from $9 trillion to $17.3 trillion.

Yet, at every State of the Union show, you will hear President Obama cry out for “investments” for roads, rail, bridges, infrastructure. And the low information crowd, and Democrats in the chamber, cheer. Problem is, they are painfully ignorant of the fact that despite the annual appeals for more money, the Obama administration still has not spent more than 10% of the so-called stimulus money on roads, rail, bridges, and infrastructure.

And just today asks for $302 Billion more. Obama knows the media, the low information crowd, and progressive acolytes will believe what he says and won’t follow what he does. He also knows that he’ll get whatever money he wants when he says it is for roads, rail, bridges, infrastructure, and education.

An example of how the media, literally regurgitates the White House talking points as “news.”

“This vision will show how we can invest in the things we need to grow and create jobs by closing unfair tax loopholes, lowering tax rates, and making the system more fair,” the White House said in a statement previewing his speech, set for 3:05 p.m. EST.

The transfer of wealth, and the growth of government, continues.