Judge Arenda Wright Allen Needs Emergency Surgury

Federal Judge Overturns Virginia’s Ban on Same Sex Marriage

There’s no better example why Progressives put so much emphasis on stacking the courts with fellow travelers who they know will advance the agenda, even if it means ignoring the law and overturning laws created under due process. But this decision goes beyond ignoring the law. This federal judge, Arenda Wright Allen, in striking down marriage-equality-reutersVirginia’s ban on same-sex marriage, in the first page of her opinion wrote, “Our Constitution declares that ‘all men’ are created equal. Surely this means all of us.”

The low information crowd, like this person (gender of whom is not clear) of course eat this up. No doubt glad that a judge gave them what they wanted, which was the new definition of marriage. Well, it did take a judge. But a judge that has her head up her ass where the law is concerned.

For it is the Declaration of Independence that says “all men are created equal.” That was the document that told King George III to go F himself. That we are no longer subjects of the Crown. And that we, the colonies, are our own keeper.

This case was based around the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause. Sorry but, gays are not prevented from getting married as Judge Allen suggests Virginia’s ban on gay marriage says. A gay man can marry any woman (gay or straight) he wants, and a lesbian can marry any man (gay or straight) she wants. In that respect, both straights and gays have the same right to marry and have equal protection to do just that.