Putin’s Russia Is Raping And Molesting Georgia

It is time to take stock in the reality of modern-day Russia. It is a throwback to the old-day Russia.russia_taking_georgians_prisoners

Russia, still being run by Vladimir Putin, the KGB communist, thinks his country is lacking in stature and respect around the world, presumably because they haven’t invaded any countries lately. Seeking to improve Russia’s image, Russia used its huge military power to invade and conquer the small, and young, state of Georgia, with its small military. Clearly no match for the Russians, the task was done in one day.

In response to the world community to get out, Russia signed an agreement to end their occupation and re-position their military to positions that they held prior to the invasion. Not only have they not ‘pulled out,’ they are digging in. They have blocked Georgia’s main port city, Poti, and are taking Georgian military personnel as prisoners.

Have we learned yet that Vladimir Putin can not be trusted? He is KGB. He is a communist. He doesn’t care a wit what the world thinks of him. The only way to deal effectively with Russia is the way we dealt with them before. Not to trust them based on their word, which is worthless. But to ‘trust but verify.’

The analogy of Vladimir Putin behaving like a rapist, by literally raping the sovereign state of Georgia, is not only accurate but, the fact that Georgia is a young democratic country makes him a child molester too!

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