Obama's Definition Of Parenthood Includes Retroactive Abortion

You probably have not seen this reported anywhere in the mainstream media, because the notion of Mrs. Obama’s statement is rather dark, if not frightening when it comes to life and death of a baby.

Speaking of her husband, Michelle Obama said: “He’ll protect a woman’s freedom of choice, because government should have no say in whether or when a woman embraces the sacred responsibility of parenthood.”

I emphasize the ‘when’ part of Obama’s version of a woman’s right to choose. Like her husband, who wouldn’t want his daughters to be ‘punished with a baby’ they did not want, she also, like her husband, believes it is OK to have an abortion right up to the 4th trimester. This is in line with Barack Obama’s voting against a bill that would allow a live-birth aborted baby to live.

You have to appreciate exactly what the Obamas are classifying as a woman’s right to choose. They mean that when a baby is aborted by inducing labor, and rather than the baby being expelled dead, the baby is alive and breathing on its own, then the ‘mother’ has ‘the right’ to see to it that that baby be killed.

The Obama’s are tied to the belief that a ‘mother’ can kill her child not only during all three trimesters of development, but can extend that ‘right’ to the fourth ‘trimester’ too! Or to put it more accurately, a retroactive abortion.

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Chavez Backs Putin's Intrusion Into Georgia

No surprise there. The good buddy of Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, and Cindy Sheehan is fine with Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Russia and their attempt at annexing two provinces of the sovereign state of Georgia. Having no support anywhere else in the world from the East or the West for his actions, the monkey-in-the-middle has support from the hemisphere’s idiot, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez backed Russia’s recognition of two breakaway regions of Georgia on Friday, making Venezuela only the second nation to support Moscow’s stance.

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