goLeftTV Says The U.S. Is Like Old Communist Russia

I’d say that this video would qualify Mike Papantonio’s1 way-out-there ‘progressive news’ outlet called goLeftTV for the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day award. But it would diminish the value of the award because they would probably win it every day.

There are a few topics in this video, but the most outrageous is the take that Farron Cousins has concerning the Bush administration (probably the National Security Agency) and Google.

According to Cousins, at the request of the administration, Google has agreed to block images of military installations, war zones, The White House, and other potential sensitive areas. To that, the progressive news source accuses the Bush administration of being like the old communist Russia. Which, by the way, is the place where Vladimir Putin is trying to return.

If you need one, here’s a quick credibility test for goLeftTV. Look up The White House on Google Earth. Is it blocked out on your screen?

video link

1Bio: Mike Papantonio hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, the Ring of Fire, on Air America Radio and is the founder of GoLeft.tv. He is a partner in the Levin Papantonio law firm in Pensacola.

Putin Accuses U.S. Of Starting Georgian Conflict

That is the most asinine accusation I’ve ever heard. What’s worse, is his explanation for it.

“If my guesses are confirmed, then that raises the suspicion that somebody in the United States purposefully created this conflict with the aim of aggravating the situation and creating an advantage … for one of the candidates in the battle for the post of U.S. president.”

As stretched as our military is right now in Iraq and Afghanistan, how in the world can anybody see an ‘advantage’ to knocking heads with Russia in Georgia? He better put the vodka down because he isn’t making any sense. The trouble with this is that Putin controls Russia’s media. Any media outlet that doesn’t tow the party line gets taken over or shut down. So you have to assume that the Russian people are believing this crap.

I’m reminded of a quote from Kathleen Miller that fits Vladimir Putin perfectly. ‘Are you nuts or just crazy?’

link: Putin: US orchestrated conflict in Georgia

Russia's Actions In Georgia Rebuffed In The East

Much to the disappointment of Vladimir Putin, his puppet president was rebuffed by the six-member Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Putin finds himself to be the monkey in the middle.

China and several Central Asian nations rebuffed Russia’s hopes of international support for its actions in Georgia, issuing a statement Thursday denouncing the use of force and calling for the respect of every country’s territorial integrity.

A joint declaration from the six-member Shanghai Cooperation Organization also offered some support for Russia’s “active role in promoting peace” following a cease-fire, but overall it appeared to increase Moscow’s international isolation.

link: Asian alliance rebuffs Russian plea for support

Economy Continues To Grow, GDP Up 3.3%

Contrary to what is coming out of the mouths of Democrat(ic) candidates and President Clinton, the truth is that the U.S. economy continues to grow. Again, there is no recession. Well, except in the brain matter of Democrats in Washington for what they would have you believe.

GDP, the broadest measure of the nation’s economic activity, stood at an annual rate of 3.3% in the quarter, adjusted for inflation, the Commerce Department said. Economic growth between 2.5% and 3.5% is typically viewed as the norm for a healthy economy.

After hearing President Clinton, and VP candidate Joseph Biden last night, talk of a failing economy, that only they can fix, let’s see how the Messiah himself calls it tonight. The sorry thing about these politicians is that no matter what the fact show, they continue to try to pull one over on you. This used to be called lying to you. Whatever.

The stimulus worked. Moreover, to keep it working, make ‘those Bush tax cuts’ permanent.

Personal spending helped add 1.2% to the second-quarter preliminary GDP reading released Thursday, up from the advanced reading of 1% for the quarter and just 0.6% in the first quarter.

Exports rose, much to the horrors to those that worry over the so-called ‘trade deficit.’

Much improved demand for U.S. exports added 3.1% to GDP, compared to just 0.8% in the advanced reading.

Wages rose.

Individuals pay excluding volatile food and energy prices – rose 2.1%

And according to Wachovia senior economist Mark Vitner . . .

Inflation is still just barely above the perceived comfort zone of central bankers. The Federal Reserve is generally believed to want to see the 12-month change in core inflation readings remain between 1% and 2%. “Without a price spiral, the Fed won’t have to squeeze the life out the economy, which should help sustain modest economic growth,” Vitner said.

Month after month, quarter after quarter, there is not and has not been anything approaching a recession. So time has come to blame George Bush for our continued growth.

link: Economy gets big stimulus boost

pMSNBC Libs Ignite On Scarborough

Michael Calderone at Politico details the story that spans two days. Beginning with Keith Olbermann piping in for Joe to get a shovel. Apparently implying that McCain has not gained in the polls, like he actually has, to a point of being competitive with Obama, like Joe was pointing out. With that comment, Olbermann was implying that Joe was putting out bullshit. It is Olbermann’s political blinders than prevent him from seeing McCain’s rise in the polls to within the margin of error of tying the Messiah. Then again, I don’t remember when he ever read the news from an objective perspective. That was Monday night.

Then on Tuesday morning, reporter David Shuster, tries to equate the criticism of the left’s call to leave Iraq immediately with al-Malaki’s call for all troops to leave Iraq in 16 months. For some reason, we all know what the reason is, Shuster is unwilling to see the difference between an immediate and precipitous withdrawal from one over the span of 16 months. And, according to Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, even that is not cut in stone. But hey, Shuster has an agenda to uphold. David Shuster stepped in it when he tried to draw the relativism between the two, which wasn’t at all what Joe was talking about. Then Shuster attaches his bias to Joe with his ‘your party’ comment. What a blithering idiot.

Got to hand it to Joe though. He doesn’t take the abuse, and holds his own. I hope they pay him well over there.

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