Putin Accuses U.S. Of Starting Georgian Conflict

That is the most asinine accusation I’ve ever heard. What’s worse, is his explanation for it.

“If my guesses are confirmed, then that raises the suspicion that somebody in the United States purposefully created this conflict with the aim of aggravating the situation and creating an advantage … for one of the candidates in the battle for the post of U.S. president.”

As stretched as our military is right now in Iraq and Afghanistan, how in the world can anybody see an ‘advantage’ to knocking heads with Russia in Georgia? He better put the vodka down because he isn’t making any sense. The trouble with this is that Putin controls Russia’s media. Any media outlet that doesn’t tow the party line gets taken over or shut down. So you have to assume that the Russian people are believing this crap.

I’m reminded of a quote from Kathleen Miller that fits Vladimir Putin perfectly. ‘Are you nuts or just crazy?’

link: Putin: US orchestrated conflict in Georgia

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