Socialist Democrat Party Platform

Spoken by ‘the traveling pant-suit’ herself, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) reiterated her party’s goal for ‘universal’ health care. If you believe her number, 47 million people, which includes 20 million illegal aliens, do not have a health insurance policy, but they do have health care. Never mind that every American has basic health care already. Her party’s goal, same as Ted Kennedy for the last 40 years, is to convince the dumb masses that health care is a ‘right’ of Americans. Last I checked, health insurance is not mentioned in our Constitution or our Bill of Rights.

In her rant attacking McCain and Republicans, Hillary says that Republicans want to give windfall profits to Big Oil. This statement blatantly shows her party’s ignorance and disdain of the capitalist system. Not to mention her elitist attitude for redistribution of wealth. Her frame of reference is that profits belong to the government and not the business and shareholders that own it and earned it. And, by misusing the term ‘windfall profits,’ is accusing Big Oil of cheating the American people. Adding a dash of class envy, Hillary points out that those companies making money are hurting the poor the hardest. Like the single parent minimum wage earner with 6 kids.

Watching her performance at the Democratic National Convention tonight was enlightening alright. The change they are looking for is nothing short of a socialist society. Question is, will the American people ignore our founding principles and buy into it?