goLeftTV Says The U.S. Is Like Old Communist Russia

I’d say that this video would qualify Mike Papantonio’s1 way-out-there ‘progressive news’ outlet called goLeftTV for the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day award. But it would diminish the value of the award because they would probably win it every day.

There are a few topics in this video, but the most outrageous is the take that Farron Cousins has concerning the Bush administration (probably the National Security Agency) and Google.

According to Cousins, at the request of the administration, Google has agreed to block images of military installations, war zones, The White House, and other potential sensitive areas. To that, the progressive news source accuses the Bush administration of being like the old communist Russia. Which, by the way, is the place where Vladimir Putin is trying to return.

If you need one, here’s a quick credibility test for goLeftTV. Look up The White House on Google Earth. Is it blocked out on your screen?

video link

1Bio: Mike Papantonio hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, the Ring of Fire, on Air America Radio and is the founder of GoLeft.tv. He is a partner in the Levin Papantonio law firm in Pensacola.

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