Republicans Hate Immigrants Says goLeftTV

On the forefront of what they call progressive news, goLeft.tv1 host Farron Cousins discusses the passage of Homeland Security-related bills that pertained to the 9/11 Commission’s report. Adding that Republicans hate immigrants. Being a life-long republican, that’s news to me.

“Since Republicans seem to hate immigrants for some reason” is his explanation for the addition of $3 billion to provide for adequate border security. Because Republicans want “to keep new people from coming into the country to experience the American dream.”

“Progressives”2 can not distinguish between legal aliens and illegal aliens. Or they won’t. And that’s dangerous. It also gives them the so-called moral authority to say that Republicans hate immigrants. In their world, there are no borders so there are no illegal aliens. And that’s dangerous.

Then there’s the propensity to demagogue all issues to a political advantage and say outrageous stuff like republicans hate immigrants. But that’s not unusual for the rants of Mike Papantonio and other progressives.

1 is a production of Air America radio host and BIG LAW trial attorney Mike Papantonio of Levin-Papantonio, Pensacola, FL.

2 a new label to replace “liberal”

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5 thoughts on “Republicans Hate Immigrants Says goLeftTV”

  1. ah, but you admit it yourself – he said “SEEM”. are you saying that they don’t seem to hate immigrants to him? its a fox news tactic. by posing opinions in question or hypothetical terms, you can change the frame of debate. and if this one pissed you off, i suggest you check out his one about republicans hating america. try arguing your way out of that one. people love GoLeft TV, and you’re just going to have to live with that.

  2. I wasn’t dancing. I was reporting what Farron Cousins had said about republicans. But had Farron Cousins asked me how I feel about immigrants,I’d tell him that I love legal immigrants. Nothing that I said in this post suggests otherwise. Your prejudice, or libness is showing.

    Ann Coulter? She is a syndicated columnist, not a ‘movement’ like progressives at goLeft tv profess to be. Lets see. 1 to 400,000. That’s Ann vs the nutroots. What, you don’t like those odds? She would say, bring em on. You say, boo hoo hoo she’s a hate monger. Kinda like republicans hate immigrants too I suppose? I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

    The point I made, and you confirmed, was the deliberate and dishonest smear upon republicans (Republicans seem to hate immigrants) when none that I’ve heard have said anything bad about legal immigrants. When you omit the qualifier (legal) from the statement, you are telling a deliberate lie. Which, is typical liberal tactics. I’m not here to argue their intent. Nobody, not even them, would want to be in their mind. I’m just pointing out what they say and do.

  3. also, how about the hate-filled rants of republicans such as Ann Coulter (regrets Timothy McVeigh didn’t bomb NYT building), Glenn Beck (claims he hated Katrina victims), Neal Boortz (who advocated dumping nuclear waste on Mexicans)? how about that? care to clear that up for us, buddy? wanna take a stab at that one?

  4. so….i noticed that you didn’t say that republicans don’t hate immigrants. you kind of danced around the subject a little. i’m fairly certain that the native Americans consider all white people illegal immigrants. ever think about that?

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