Democrats Contract With America

While your party is in the majority, why are you not trying to FIX all that is broke instead of treading water (by launching investigation central) for the next year and a half, ganging up on the administration and investigating legal1 activity?

You are in the majority, what are you waiting for? Voters are anxious to learn of your positions on these issues and problems, as well as your proposed solutions. As an elected official, you are responsible for fixing things first, running for re-election and running against Bush are, or should be, secondary. How about writing your version of a contract with America on subjects important to Americans?

  1. War on terror and border security
  2. Immigration and border security
  3. Social Security
  4. Taxes, tax policies
  5. The economy and jobs
  6. Education
  7. Judiciary
  8. Energy
  9. Budgets and earmarks

The problem is Democrats running for national office tend to stay away from issues and run a campaign based on how bad the other guy is. It’s what they did in ’04 and ’06, and to this day. I can’t wait to see their reaction when they realize that Bush is not running for a third term.

Their problem is that the more the people know what their intentions are, the more people will reject their ideas. And one thing they don’t want is for the people to have a year and a half to review them or debate them. Preferring instead to fill the time with investigations/distractions and not trying to get anything else done. They seem satisfied, if not constrained, to try nothing until after the ’08 election. And if that isn’t a waste of time and money, I don’t know what is.  Which is all the more reason to demand they do something for the country instead of complaining about it.

1 Eight foot-dragging federal attorneys