Not Much Diversity In The ‘Center’

The group claims to be the political center of the Democrat party. But people attending the Yearly Kos convention, a gathering of the wacko left blogosphere, noticed an elephant in the room. It’s pretty white.

“It’s mostly white. More male than female,” says the former high school math and science teacher turned activist. “It’s not very diverse.”

“I was completely surprised — shocked even. The political blogosphere isn’t as white as the people in this convention.”

“I hate using the word ‘diversity.’ I don’t know what we use there. But what we definitely need are voices from different communities,” she says. And the problem, she adds, stretches beyond ethnic and gender inclusion. There’s a socioeconomic gap, too.

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Republicans Hate Immigrants Says goLeftTV

On the forefront of what they call progressive news, goLeft.tv1 host Farron Cousins discusses the passage of Homeland Security-related bills that pertained to the 9/11 Commission’s report. Adding that Republicans hate immigrants. Being a life-long republican, that’s news to me.

“Since Republicans seem to hate immigrants for some reason” is his explanation for the addition of $3 billion to provide for adequate border security. Because Republicans want “to keep new people from coming into the country to experience the American dream.”

“Progressives”2 can not distinguish between legal aliens and illegal aliens. Or they won’t. And that’s dangerous. It also gives them the so-called moral authority to say that Republicans hate immigrants. In their world, there are no borders so there are no illegal aliens. And that’s dangerous.

Then there’s the propensity to demagogue all issues to a political advantage and say outrageous stuff like republicans hate immigrants. But that’s not unusual for the rants of Mike Papantonio and other progressives.

1 is a production of Air America radio host and BIG LAW trial attorney Mike Papantonio of Levin-Papantonio, Pensacola, FL.

2 a new label to replace “liberal”