Holder Staying Well Into 2014

How much longer for Attorney General Holder? The race is on to quash and delay the Fast & Furious investigation until he is sure the evidence and testimony against him and his department is quashed and gone. Then he’ll leave.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder plans to stay in the Obama administration well into 2014 but declined in an interview with The New Yorker magazine to say precisely how long,

Or, he won’t escape the evidence, despite years of delay and hiding, and will be frog marched out of there, right into jail where he belongs.

Link: U.S. attorney general Holder says he will stay on well into 2014

Vladimir Putin, Dog Killer

Notice in this article, as in any other article that passes the KGB, er, I mean censors, there is no curiosity or explanation as to WHERE THE DOGS CAME FROM? No, instead, the compliant media is calling them “street animals.”

What a barbarian looks like.
Russian President Vladimir Putin,
what a barbarian looks like.

Putin spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, acknowledged in an interview with Kommersant FM radio Wednesday that Sochi was struggling with stray dogs. And, in true dictator fashion, attempts to lay the blame on someone else. . .

“It is true that there are stray dogs in Sochi, more stray dogs than in other cities. The explanation is quite simple. When a big construction project is underway, dogs and puppies always appear whom the builders feed. Now the builders have left, but unfortunately, the dogs remain.”

That’s pure bullshit. Have you ever noticed stray dogs coming around a construction project where you live? Russia’s Vladimir Putin made those dogs become stray dogs. That KGB piece of shit. It isn’t hard to figure out where they came from and why there are more stray dogs in Sochi than other cities.

Russia, a country that does not value private property and in fact, treats its citizens as its property, razed whole communities and neighborhoods of people who had their own home, and pets, to make room for the olympic construction projects. The people were relocated into apartment buildings, WHERE NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED. With absolutely no regard for their citizens and their pets, the people were just forced to let their pets go. So, they go were food is. Where someone, anyone might feed them. They’re friendly because they are domesticated pets, not wild dogs.

This pisses me off. And Putin, and his communist state, needs to be held to account. If by no other way than by spreading the word of what he is responsible for in Sochi, and what an ‘animal’ of a human being he is. It’s like letting your dog out to do its business and not letting him back in, and moving away. Americans are lucky that they were born here. It could have been worse, like if you were born in Russia with no means to escape.

If only Vladimir Putin would be put in the same situation and meet the same fate he is putting those poor dogs in. All of it.

Links: Racing to Save the Stray Dogs of Sochi  |  Russians say authorities rounding up, poisoning stray dogs before Olympics

Obamacare’s Alternative Gains Another Co-Sponsor

Rep. John Kline [R-MN2] became a co-sponsor to the alternative to Obamacare that President Obama says does not exist, H.R. 2300: Empowering Patients First Act of 2013.

Kudo’s to Rep. Kline. If your representative isn’t a co-sponsor yet, let him or her know that they should be. Persuading more Democrats and electing  more Republicans to the Senate, is the only way this is going to work.

Obamacare, So Much For Building The Middle Class

Remember the meme last week coming from The White House? Income inequality, needing to grow the middle class. Oh, and raising the minimum minimum wage cartoon2wage. Today? Not so much. Today, everything most conservatives knew would happen under Obamacare, was confirmed by the CBO. The director of the Congressional Budget Office said today that Obamacare will cause the loss of 2.5 million jobs, and, will cause people to migrate from full-time positions to part-time positions. Obama and his media aren’t too concerned about that. In fact, they are saying this is good news. This is a new “freedom.” Americans now have “new choices, new options.” Americans now have the freedom to choose either not to work, or to work less. And, the less they work and the less they make,  the more government subsidies they will get. And conversely, the more they make, the less government subsidies they will get. And higher taxes for richer households also reduce the incentive to work. So now, faced with the possibility of moving up that economic ladder, and because of the consequences of making more money, people will now weigh whether it is worth it for them to take that new job or promotion that pays a few thousand dollars more if it means losing more than that in subsidies. Paul Ryan nailed it by calling it a “poverty trap.”

CBO Director Doug Elmendorf said the nonpartisan report does find that the healthcare law creates a disincentive for working. “The act creates a disincentive to work relative to the case were the law not in place,” he said.

Does that sound like a plan to build the middle class? Does it sound like a plan to encourage moving up the economic ladder? Of course it doesn’t. And worse, Obamacare is doing exactly as it was designed to do. Aside from ruining the private sector health insurance and health care industries, it is  building and enlarging the dependent class. Effectively killing the American Dream. Or, replacing it with the progressive version of the American Dream. Which is, for the government to control as much of our lives as it can get away with, and, to grow the number of people dependent on the government, insuring votes from whoever promises them the most.

Sorry to say this, but Barack Obama and his party are overseeing the destruction of this country. Which is why the ACA must be repealed, if not replaced.

Government Labor Unions, And You

In real life, when an employer that pays bonuses to its employees does so, it is a reward for either goals met or a job well done. In either case, it is performance based. In government life, that employer-employee relationship is much different. In fact, that kind of relationship does not exist, because of Labor Unions and their contracts.IRS-Building1

Government (public sector) labor unions instead have an incestuous relationship with their employer. Public sector unions provide the greatest percentage of union employment, more than five times higher than private sector. Not surprisingly, Big Labor also supports and provides the greatest percentage of campaign contributions, including boots on the ground, to democratic candidates and incumbents. In short, that relationship becomes a huge money laundering operation, quid pro quo, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. The difference is, the employer, the government, doesn’t pay for it all. You do.

If you already know how this scheme works, it should come as no surprise then that the IRS union, the National Treasury Employees Union, will be getting bonuses. Not based on performance like you and I would expect. The IRS is supposedly under investigation for targeting political opponents of the democrat administration, and, there’s not a whole lot to crow about where the performance of our country is concerned. Nothing seems to be working, including its people.

us-department-of-homeland-security-office_tombstoneBut the union ridiculousness doesn’t stop there. The union that has its grip on Homeland Security (a Labor Union in Homeland Security should make you feel really, really safe) is fighting the the halting of “administratively uncontrollable overtime” for headquarters and training personnel, as well as workers who have been found guilty of abusing the overtime system, responding to a federal investigation that found many employees have boosted their pay with unnecessary and unearned overtime.

Who’s pays this overtime? Not the government, it’s you.

Obama’s Confession Of Failure

The ten minute interview that President Obama granted to FOX News Channel host Bill O’Reilly was, among other things, a study in dodging pertinent questions. It was also a decent critique of the success, or failure, of his six years in office. In this case, failure. The transcript below was the first two and a half minutes of it which didn’t make the cut for the ten minute segment that aired. It was about the economy and the dissolution of the American family.

O’Reilly’s first question:

BILL O’REILLY – One of my, uh, points on the Factor is that poverty is driven by the dissolution of the American family, that is the prime mover, okay. On your watch, median income has dropped seventeen percent among working families in this country. That’s not a good record, it’s not all your fault, part of it was this terrible recession, we all know that. Everybody knows that.


O’REILLY – All right. But 72 percent of babies in African-American community are born out of wedlock.

Some irrelevant back and forth, then this.

In his own words . . .

PRESIDENT OBAMA – Because — because what’s interesting, when you look at what’s going on right now, you’re starting to see in a lot of white working class homes, similar problems — when men can’t find good work, when the economy is shutting ladders of opportunity off from people, whether they’re black, white, Hispanic, it doesn’t matter. Then that puts pressure as well on the home. So you’ve got an interaction between the economy that isn’t generating enough good jobs for folks who traditionally could get blue-collar jobs even if they didn’t have a higher education, and some legitimate social concerns, uh. That compound the problem and so we want to hit both. We want to make sure that we’re putting folks back to work and making sure that they’re well-paid —

In the first 2 minutes 35 seconds of the interview, President Obama correctly listed his performance in his first six years. And, he made it sound like he wasn’t responsible for any of it. As if he is campaigning for President who is running against his predecessor. Only in this case, his predecessor is himself.

  • you’re starting to see in a lot of white working class homes, similar problems
  • men can’t find good work
  • the economy is shutting ladders of opportunity off
  • that puts pressure as well on the home.
  • the economy that isn’t generating enough good jobs
  • some legitimate social concerns

Feel free to follow the link to the full unedited 11 minutes and 17 seconds of the interview. What you’ll see is the art of not answering a question, and, blaming FOX News for these scandals; Benghazi, IRS, and Obamacare.

Link: TRANSCRIPT: Full interview between President Obama and Bill O’Reilly

aSide Order


XL Pipeline Reduces Overall Carbon Emissions, State Department Environmental Impact Report

Seems the long-awaited environmental impact analysis of the XL Pipeline has environmentalist shorts in a wad.  Turns out, having the XL Pipeline will reduce carbon emissions compared to not having it. In transportation alone, whether by trucks, trains, or barges and ships, the pipeline emits no carbon emissions whereas all the alternative means of transportation do. When you consider that Venezuelan oil which we buy is shipped in oil tankers, the pipeline could not only end our need to buy it from them, but would cut the global carbon emissions by not using their tankers or Warren Buffet’s trains, which derail, explode, and burn. (How’s that for an environmental impact?)

It’s ironic that their excuse for nixing the pipeline just went away. Not only that, but since it creates a reduction in carbon emissions, they find themselves to be scientifically (but not politically) in favor of it. To make matters worse for them, Democrats are now calling for the President to use that pen he was talking about in his SOTU and approve it.

Their new arguments against it are now in development. How they will justify not supporting the reduction in carbon emissions should be interesting, if not entertaining.


Dinesh D’Souza / Bill Ayers Debate at Dartmouth College

They begin by each taking 18 minutes to state their positions. After that is complete they respond to each others positions for 5 or 10 minutes each, and then they begin asking each other questions directly. After that ends the Q&A begins.

If you don’t have too much time I’d recommend skipping the 18 minute speeches and begin where they are responding to each others speeches at around the 42 minute mark. But you’ll be missing out on some great stuff, I assure you, especially D’Souza’s view of the greatness of America.


h/t the rightscoop


Charles Krauthammer Explains Obama’s Lawlessness In 50 Seconds

If a Republican president tried what Obama has already done, he would have been impeached already, and with bi-partisan support.

So where are House Republicans on this? Spineless, that’s where.

Boehner Signals Surrender

The problem with Speaker Boehner and the rest of the establishment Republicans who are meeting in Maryland to come up with an agenda for 2014 and beyond, is that they are letting Obama and Democrats set the narrative. Democrats want this, they want that, whether it’s Obamacare, deficit spending, minimum wage, Immigration Reform. The latter translates to amnesty and the end of America as the we know it.

If all you’re going to do is accept the premise of the Democrats and propose your own version that accomplishes the same thing, you’re abandoning your principles and the republicans who hold those principles dear. About half the country. Which explains why polls are showing people who used to call themselves republicans are now calling themselves independents.

The Republican leadership seems to be stuck on stupid, and instead of saying NO to these Democrat initiatives, like an opposition party should, they’re accepting their premise, ignoring the American people, and coming up with their own version of the same policies that will destroy this country.

Where immigration is concerned, the only reform that needs doing is to secure the borders and enforce the law. And do nothing more, NOTHING, until that first step is finished. Not planned. Not agreed to, but FINISHED. Then, and only then, should we move to step two. Whatever step two might be.

What Boehner doesn’t get is, just because comprehensive immigration reform and raising minimum wage, and income inequality are Obama’s priorities, doesn’t mean that they are high priorities on the minds of the American people. They are not. The top concern is the economy and jobs. An area where Obama is proving to be a complete failure. That’s the direction Boehner and the establishment republicans ought to be going. They need to set the premise that most Americans agree with, and make their own agenda. Be the solution to the problems we face instead of accomplices in making things worse.

The last thing 92 million Americans out of a job want is millions more illegal aliens flooding the Unites States of America. And the last thing republicans and independents outside the beltway want is for the establishment Republicans to side with Democrats against what is referred to as the Tea Party. Which really isn’t a party, but an ideology.

Link: Boehner: House GOP is ‘alternative’ to Obama, not ‘the opposition’  |  GOP CRAFTS PLAN TO WRECK THE COUNTRY, LOSE VOTERS