Tea Party Fund-Raising Beating G.O.P. Establishment

All you need to know about why people like Ted Cruz are being so demonized by his own party, is that republicans and conservatives are fed up with the G.O.P. establishment. They, I’ll include myself in this bunch, are not going to see their contributions wasted on Democrat-lite candidates, or on candidates not willing to stand up for the principles we all used to believe in. Consequently, conservatives and republicans are sending their contributions to organizations and candidates of their choosing. Not to the RNC, RNCC, or RNSC, the establishment. And the establishment is being out-raised.

Here’s how the New York Times characterizes the tea party types:

Insurgent conservatives seeking to pull the Republican Party to the right raised more money last year than the groups controlled by the party establishment, whose bulging bank accounts and ties to major donors have been their most potent advantage in the running struggle over the party’s future, according to new campaign disclosures and interviews with officials.

Message to the RNC, RNCC, RNSC. It’s only going to get worse, for you, unless you start backing real conservatives and begin standing up for the principles you say you stand for.

via Fund-Raising by G.O.P. Rebels Outpaces Party Establishment

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