Putin Drills Russian Troops At Ukraine’s Doorstep

Another U.S. foreign policy failure in the making. History tells us what to expect. President Obama says a lot of words. Putin ignores him, says that the conflict was started by the United States, and takes troops into a sovereign state. Just like what happened in the former Soviet state of Georgia in 2008.

And our president makes himself and the United States look like the paper tiger that he has made it out to be. Under “normal” circumstances, this would be not only unexpected, but unthinkable. But we have a different president than our country has ever seen. President Obama’s actions tell a different story. What we just may be seeing develop before our very eyes is what the president called his “flexibility” after his 2012 election. The subject at that moment was nuclear arms. Now he is downsizing the military. So when Sec. of State John Kerry tells his Russian counterpart to stay out of Ukraine’s business, coming from his boss, Putin knows that it is with a wink and a nod.

In other words, to the Ukrainian people yearning for freedom, you’re on your own. Depending on their access to international news, they may already know that the U.S. can no longer be trusted to stand up for freedom, and them, as long as President Obama is in The White House.

Link: Putin Drills Ground Troops at Ukraine’s Doorstep as U.S. Warns Against Intervention – NYTimes.com  |  Putin’s Russia Is Raping And Molesting Georgia  |  Eleven Months Ago, Romney-Obama Third Debate

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