Has Putin Gone Astray?

Or has he always been that way?  Freedom seems to be a concept that is giving Russian President Vladimir Putin some heartburn lately.  He is beginning to look to me like another Gorbachev.  That is, as a president who missed an opportunity to lead his country to a freedom inspired and people inspired sort of government.   He lost his election to the will the people who preferred Boris Yeltsin.

MOSCOW (AP) – Riot police beat and detained protesters as thousands defied an official ban and attempted to stage a rally Saturday against President Vladimir Putin’s government, which opponents accuse of rolling back freedoms Russians have enjoyed since the end of Soviet communism.

Will Vladimir Putin likewise miss a similar opportunity?  Yes, he will follow Gorby’s footsteps and begin to reign in whatever freedoms the Russians have.  Which would be a huge mistake with bad consequences for the world.

Police beat protesters

Kasparov freed after rally

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