A Liberal Who Wants To Win, Not Retreat

Meet Marc Danziger, a liberal democrat who wants to win the war, not run from it. He also believes that the war in Iraq is just one front in the overall global war on terror. And he has a plan to support any and all efforts to that end. He has started The Victory PAC.

For a perspective you haven’t heard from another liberal, with the exception of Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Ct), here’s where Marc is coming from.

I’m a liberal Democrat (pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, pro-progressive taxation, pro-equal rights, pro-environmental regulation, pro-public schools) who supported and supports the war in Iraq. As I tell my liberal friends “Did I miss the part where it was progressive not to fight medieval religious fascists?”

I’ve been waiting for four years for the White House to start really explaining the war to the American people, and to do anything sensible at all to maintain the political capital necessary to keep America in the fight – to keep us from withdrawing because the war is too messy, or too long, or just plain makes us feel bad.


Marc is a liberal who knows who the real enemy is, and its not George Bush.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the heads up on Victory PAC

Cable News Rankings, March 29

Who is watching and who is being watched?  It seems viewers have had enough of the message from the cable version of the MSM.  Note who is at the bottom half.  Which means you can only expect them to get even more intense and creative in the art of making up news and crisis-ridden stories.

It also makes you wonder why the Democrat party in Nevada dropped out of the Fox-sponsored Primary debates.  They might do well to have it on South Park.

THURS., MAR. 29, 2007

CC SOUTH PARK 1,854,000
FNC GRETA 1,689,000
FNC SHEP SMITH 1,381,000
FNC HUME 1,336,000
CNN KING 1,062,000
CNN DOBBS 874,000
CNN COOPER 756,000

World Goes Wuss On Geneva Conventions

Even the cave dwellers in Afghanistan and Pakistan saw the world reaction alleging Geneva Convention violations to the terrorists, who btw are not covered by the Geneva Convention, when they landed in Club Gitmo, the Guantanamo Bay prison.  For the last few days we’ve witnessed bonafide GC violations when Great Britain’s soldiers, our allies in the war on terror, were filmed reading propaganda and wearing costumes not part of their uniform, like the scarf and tablecloth they made the female captive wear.

An image taken from Iranian television Friday March 30, 2007 showing three British service personnel, at left a serviceman whose name was given in Farsi as Nathan Thomas Summers, Faye Turney, 26, the only woman amongst the British navy personnel, centre, and a man believed to be Adam Sperry, some of the British personnel being held captive by Iran. A newscaster earlier on Al-Alam television said the taped confession would show a British marine explaining how he and his colleagues entered Iranian waters 'in an illegal way.' (AP Photo/APTN) Have you heard ONE objection about this yet?   Seen any demonstrators in the streets demanding Iran stop doing it?  I checked the New York Times.  There is not a word fit to print on this subject I guess.  And what about the usual cadre of Geneva Convention cheerleaders, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, John Murtha, John Kerry, and Mrs. Bill Clinton?  

Proof positive that all that made-up crap was done for only one purpose, to harm  the Bush administration, and as an added plus, this country and the war on terror, for purely political purposes.

AP: House silent on British hostage crisis

MSM 100, On Political Corruption

Once you read the first paragraph of this story, can you guess which political party this high ranking NJ elected official is affiliated with?  After the second para?  The third?  Still no clue?  If you are alert, in the fourth paragraph you will see the single reference to Sen. Wayne Bryant’s party, where the word democrat is mentioned.  

When was the last time you saw a ‘news’ article having to do with corruption involving a republican where the perp’s party affiliation did not immediately follow his name?  It is the usual convention for identifying politicians, umm, when criminal behavior is not an issue I guess?  When it is, then the D’s are omitted.

TRENTON – State Sen. Wayne Bryant, until recently one of New Jersey’s most influential lawmakers, was charged today with abusing his power and the public trust.

A federal grand jury indicted Bryant, 59, of Lawnside, on public corruption and fraud charges tied to his employment at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and two other publicly funded agencies and institutions.

The 20-count indictment also charges R. Michael Gallagher, the former dean of UMDNJ’s School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, whom prosecutors allege schemed with Bryant to defraud the system.

According to the 40-page indictment, the powerful Camden County Democrat effectively sold his political influence to Gallagher and the osteopathic school. In return for lobbying on behalf of the school and securing millions in extra state funds, prosecutors allege, Bryant was rewarded with a $35,000-a-year, no-show job.

Camden, New Jersey is the city where the school system is in shambles, has been taken over by a state appointee, because the administration was more concerned with graft, kickbacks, and cheating on test scores than actually teaching their kids. 

As for Sen. Wayne Bryant, he has a distinguished record of corruption going back to 1990.

It only gets worse the higher up the food chain you go.  Take Rep. William ‘Dollar Bill’ Jefferson (D-La) for example.  That investigation isn’t finished.   Did you even know there was one?  Think hurricane Katrina, National Guard, and you might remember his name.  Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi recently put him on the House Homeland Security Committee.   Having $90,000 in bribe money in your freezer is just one of the criteria for getting appointed to that highly sensitive and important committee.  Majority leader Pelosi apparently isn’t concerned with that ‘culture of corruption’ thing when one of her own is concerned.

Packing Heat In New Orleans

Apparently that’s what Sen. James Webb (D-Va.) did. In explaining how a gun could have found its way into his assistant’s possession and be carried onto the grounds of the Russell Senate Office building, Webb seemed to say, ‘well hey, we had the gun because we had been in New Orleans over the weekend.’

Hear that Mayor Ray Nagin? The senator feels compelled to arm himself when visiting your fine city. He actually said it more like this in speaking of his staffer’s arrest:

‘I think this is one of those very unfortunate situations where, completely inadvertently, he took the weapon into the Senate yesterday,’ Webb added. The senator noted that he was in New Orleans from Friday until Monday. He speculated that the incident happened because three of his cars were moved because of the trip.

I don’t think it will do much for the city’s recovery when lawmakers are afraid to visit without the special protection of Smith and Wesson.

In a related post, there is a solution to the crime problem in N.O. I wonder if the mayor saw it?

CRS Refusing To Expose Earmarks

Daniel P. Mulhollan, the Director of the Congressional Research Service says the CRS “will no longer respond to requests from members of Congress on the size, number or background of [budget] earmarks.”  Lets stop here and review.  The Congressional Research Service is refusing to respond to requests by members of Congress for their service.

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal details the failed attempts of Sen. DeMint to find out who is behind the earmarks in the 2007 budget and exactly what they are for.  Imagine that?  Does this behavior sound like the kind of open government Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were talking about when they were in the minority?  Can we expect to hear Harry and Nancy chastising Mulhollan on the TV shows for not doing what is right?  Oh, how about the left-wing blogs who supposedly despise earmarks?  Will we hear from them?  Don’t hold your breath for either.

Take it into your own hands and you know, write your elected representatives and demand that the CRS responds to any and all requests by members of congress regarding all aspects of appropriations bills.

Philip Thompson, Not Above The Law

Sen. Jim Webb’s (D-Va.) staffer, Philip Thompson, was arrested for violating D.C. gun laws by taking a pistol to the Russell Senate office building.  He was charged with carrying it without a permit, and possession of an unregistered gun.  Webb denies giving Thompson the gun, which is irrelevant in this case.  The only relevant thing is was the law followed?  In his explanation, Webb also admits to another potential violation of  gun laws, in Louisiana.  That is, unless Philip Thompson and/or Webb have a permit to carry in the state of Louisiana, either he or Webb violated that state’s laws as well.

I think this is one of those very unfortunate situations where, completely inadvertently, he took the weapon into the Senate yesterday,” Webb added. The senator noted that he was in New Orleans from Friday until Monday. He speculated that the incident happened because three of his cars were moved because of the trip.

If 50-state armed security is what the Senator wishes, there are security firms that can provide it, legally.  Otherwise, supporting the second amendment by violating state ‘gun control’ laws is not a privilege granted to lawmakers and their entourage.  It’s right up there with alleging to support the troops while planning for defeat.

From Magic Negro To Screw The Poor

LA Times refers to Sen. Barack Obama as “the magic negro.”  A “less-than-real black man.”  Listen carefully for the outrage?  Hear it?  Me neither.  Liberal editors and democrats being racist is apparently OK.  The National Black Republicans don’t think so.  Neither do I.

 Al Gore gets called on his rich-get-warmer, poor-get-colder global warming offset policies by black activist network Project 21.  They say climate regulations and carbon offsets would harm poor and minority households.  While Al Gore warns the the planet is sick and we’re all going to die, he also believes it’s OK to pay money for causing harm to the ‘sick’ planet.  There’s a feel-good word for it.  It’s called ‘carbon offsets.’  Can you say limousine liberal?

Wikipedia: magical negro