U.N. Wants New Resolution On Iran

It’s deja vu all over again.  I’m not sure where the count is on the number of U.N. resolutions that have been ignored by Iran and not enforced by the UN, but true to form, the UN is calling for yet another as Iran ignores the previous resolutions to halt the enrichment of uranium.

During a conference call on Saturday, the diplomats decided that Security Council ambassadors should take over the discussion of elements for a new resolution . . .

Wang said there was no draft resolution yet, only “ideas and elements,” but he thought it would involve another 60-day deadline.

There is a consensus to adopt ‘incremental’ sanctions.  Iran can expect years of incremental-ism and negotiations.  More and more negotiations, to come up with more and more resolutions, plays into the hands of Ahmadinejad by giving him the time he needs to develop a nuclear weapon.  Enriched uranium is not required to make electricity.  It is required to make a nuclear bomb however.