From Magic Negro To Screw The Poor

LA Times refers to Sen. Barack Obama as “the magic negro.”  A “less-than-real black man.”  Listen carefully for the outrage?  Hear it?  Me neither.  Liberal editors and democrats being racist is apparently OK.  The National Black Republicans don’t think so.  Neither do I.

 Al Gore gets called on his rich-get-warmer, poor-get-colder global warming offset policies by black activist network Project 21.  They say climate regulations and carbon offsets would harm poor and minority households.  While Al Gore warns the the planet is sick and we’re all going to die, he also believes it’s OK to pay money for causing harm to the ‘sick’ planet.  There’s a feel-good word for it.  It’s called ‘carbon offsets.’  Can you say limousine liberal?

Wikipedia: magical negro