Republicans, Get Off Your Butt

If you’ve watched any TV lately you are surely aware of the flap that some democrat senators are making over the termination of a few federal prosecutors.  And if that’s all you’ve been exposed to then you probably believe that there was something untoward going on, on the part of the Bush administration.  If so then please consider the possibility that you’ve been misinformed.

To put it bluntly, the whole episode is spin.  Nothing illegal, nothing even improper.  For ‘the rest of the story’ (thank you Paul Harvey for that one) turn to this editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal (not the mainstream media).

You probably have also noticed that neither the President or Attorney General Gonzalez have had anyone come to their defense.  Total silence among fellow republicans.  Could it be that, after 6 years of pounding by the MSM, republicans have been defeated by the mainstream media and democrat spin?  That they’ve lost their spine and/or the will to fight back.  Ahem, just the exact result the democrats want for the constant pounding on one hand, with no platform of their own in the other.  The “culture of corruption” and all that crap.

The democrats in Washington have gone a long way to ruin this government, and lose the war on terror, for the sole purpose of  ‘image’ around the world and getting their monopoly back in Washington.  Nothing is too sacred to sacrifice as long as they get where they want to be and to get what they want.  Which is total control in Washington, punitive taxes, punish free enterprise, expand the welfare state, socialized medicine, abortion on demand up to and including the last half-inch of birth in the vagina, borders in name only, free-for-all voting, constitutional rights for terrorists, just to name a few.

2008 is in the democrat’s sights and republicans are too distracted to see that far ahead.  It’s time.  Now, before its too late.  Take the time to let your elected representatives know that you expect them to get their spine back and stand up to democrat spin and not just sit back and watch the world go by.

For example, I just spent the last half hour getting this off my chest and I implore you to do likewise.  Republicans can not expect to lead anyone when they appear to be intimidated by people the likes of Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton.

Below is a copy of my note to my republican elected officials up to and including the President.  You can do it easily at  Tell them you’ve had enough and what you expect them to do.

Although the main focus of this request is to my Rep. Jeff Miller, the biggest opportunity to put an end to the democrats’ stirring the pot, to hamstring the administration, is in your hands Mr. President and Mr. Gonzalez.  Please get to a camera, get to a microphone, and call a spade a spade.  Explain the facts as they are in this so-called scandal.  Point out the unwillingness of some of the 8 prosecutors to tackle obvious voter fraud cases.  Point out that yes, it is political. It is totally political.  Elections are political.  And the democrats are not interested in eradicating, let alone investigating, voter fraud.  There is ample probable cause.

Point out that Clinton replace them all, some say (and I happen to agree) so that he could get rid of the one who was working on, or would be working on, the Whitewater scandal.  Point out Hubbell’s role in it.

Point out that they all serve at the pleasure of the President, even though nobody seems to deny that fact.  But whatever you do, don’t let the democrats throw blood in the water to purposefully smear and incapacitate the administration.

Point out the facts, that Kay, and the guy in New Mexico, sat on their hands in suspected voter fraud cases.  Point out that these were democrat prosecutors.

Point out that these democrats don’t trust the American people to do what’s right.  That’s why they wholly 100% rest their agendas on the judiciary, from prosecutors right on up to the Supreme Court.  Otherwise, they would be on your side in canning those prosecutors instead of castigating you.

Point out that ‘the American People’ (other than the drive-by media) and Schumer and Clinton, want and expect absolutely no hanky panky with elections.  Point out the hypocrisy in the democrats’ interest in stopping voter fraud.  IE. if the suspect is republican, they’re all for it.  But not for it if the the suspect is a democrat.  Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004 come to mind.

I’m left scratching my head and pulling my hair out at the SILENCE of all the republicans in Congress in this matter.  We need to fight back.  IF you don’t, the silence becomes tantamount to an admission of wrongdoing, which I know is 180 degrees from the truth.

We need a pep rally on the steps of the Capitol and in front of the White House.  The dems have that show down pat, and it works for them.

Time has long past to step up and tell the people exactly what is happening.  Don’t leave it up to Schumer and his ilk to do all the talking.  “The American people” will be able to understand the motives of the democrat’s phony scandal campaign without you having to tell them that too!

The ‘new tone’ has not worked.  It has won nothing but trouble.  Democrats don’t respect you, simply and only because you are an R and not a D.  They deserve to be stood up to, before another election season rewards democrats for their total and constant attacks on everything and anything you do.

8th Grade Girl Hits Principle From Behind

This violent incident, in a North Philadelphia elementary school, gives credence to the saying about Philly, ‘where boys are men, and so are the girls.’ 

The assault on the principal, which triggered one arrest, happened at Kenderton Elementary, a K-8 school in North Philadelphia, when Robin Wilkins tried to break up a scuffle between a seventh-grade girl and eighth-grade girl.

“The eighth grader ran up from behind and punched the principal in the back and shoulder area, knocking her to the ground,” district spokeswoman Felecia Ward said.

Philadelphia Inquirer link