CRS Refusing To Expose Earmarks

Daniel P. Mulhollan, the Director of the Congressional Research Service says the CRS “will no longer respond to requests from members of Congress on the size, number or background of [budget] earmarks.”  Lets stop here and review.  The Congressional Research Service is refusing to respond to requests by members of Congress for their service.

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal details the failed attempts of Sen. DeMint to find out who is behind the earmarks in the 2007 budget and exactly what they are for.  Imagine that?  Does this behavior sound like the kind of open government Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were talking about when they were in the minority?  Can we expect to hear Harry and Nancy chastising Mulhollan on the TV shows for not doing what is right?  Oh, how about the left-wing blogs who supposedly despise earmarks?  Will we hear from them?  Don’t hold your breath for either.

Take it into your own hands and you know, write your elected representatives and demand that the CRS responds to any and all requests by members of congress regarding all aspects of appropriations bills.

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