World Goes Wuss On Geneva Conventions

Even the cave dwellers in Afghanistan and Pakistan saw the world reaction alleging Geneva Convention violations to the terrorists, who btw are not covered by the Geneva Convention, when they landed in Club Gitmo, the Guantanamo Bay prison.  For the last few days we’ve witnessed bonafide GC violations when Great Britain’s soldiers, our allies in the war on terror, were filmed reading propaganda and wearing costumes not part of their uniform, like the scarf and tablecloth they made the female captive wear.

An image taken from Iranian television Friday March 30, 2007 showing three British service personnel, at left a serviceman whose name was given in Farsi as Nathan Thomas Summers, Faye Turney, 26, the only woman amongst the British navy personnel, centre, and a man believed to be Adam Sperry, some of the British personnel being held captive by Iran. A newscaster earlier on Al-Alam television said the taped confession would show a British marine explaining how he and his colleagues entered Iranian waters 'in an illegal way.' (AP Photo/APTN) Have you heard ONE objection about this yet?   Seen any demonstrators in the streets demanding Iran stop doing it?  I checked the New York Times.  There is not a word fit to print on this subject I guess.  And what about the usual cadre of Geneva Convention cheerleaders, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, John Murtha, John Kerry, and Mrs. Bill Clinton?  

Proof positive that all that made-up crap was done for only one purpose, to harm  the Bush administration, and as an added plus, this country and the war on terror, for purely political purposes.

AP: House silent on British hostage crisis

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