NASA To Roskosmos, Thanks But No Thanks

When trouble knocks on your door, don’t let it in.  So NASA says no thanks to Russia’s offer to pool resources to do a joint moon exploration project.  NASA is reportedly taking this project on without international partners.  Russia’s space agency head Anatoly Perminov said . . .

We were ready to cooperate but for unknown reasons, the United States have said they will undertake this programme themselves.

Here’s an ‘unknown reason’ for ya.  Putin’s latest clamp on freedom where he says that “the United States was to be portrayed as an enemy.”  His words.  That’s the message radio broadcasters got after being taken over by the State, among other things.  I in no way know that Putin’s ‘enemy’ statement had anything to do with NASA’s response.    IMHO, I couldn’t throw him far enough, even on the moon’s surface, to trust him.  Putin’s enemy fixation sort of blows the whole trust thing out the window for me.