The Campaigns For Victory, And Defeat

On CBS’s Face the Nation this morning, host Bob Schieffer was asking a guest about Sen. John McCain’s campaign and how he ‘has tied his campaign to victory in Iraq.’  Then asks if that will hurt him in his bid to become president?  That question is so telling of the views of the left and its media.   I don’t think it’ll hurt him as much as the democratic candidates that have tied their campaign to defeat in Iraq will hurt them.

A Suicide In The Making

Has ‘Let’s Roll’ morphed into Let’s Roll Over?  That’s what it seems like when you examine the democrats’ view of foreign policy, especially as it pertains to the Iraqi front in the war on terror.  For more on this apparent suicide in the making, visit Michelle Malkin’s post. Although Michelle’s post is regarding the 15 British troops who were taken hostage, the same can be said of some in the democrat party today.  Let’s Roll Over and Cut & Run, there’s not a hair’s difference between them.

Edwards Campaign Caves To Activists

As further proof as to how powerful  and entrenched in democratic politics the far left wackos have become, the Edwards campaign has pulled out of a democratic primary debate hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus and FOX, but will participate in one hosted by the CBC and CNN.  Why? 

Online activists and bloggers have assailed Democratic leaders who have tried to work with Fox News, saying the cable news network is biased.

Because of the new dirty word in politics, FOX.  It also shows a lack of spine when it comes to a willingness to address people he ostensibly wants to lead as President.  Apparently Sen. John Edwards only wants to represent and be president of about half of the country.

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Double Standard, Squared

If it weren’t for the blogosphere and Snoop at PoliticalPartyPoop, I may have never heard what a famous liberal radio talker said about some black members of a college basketball team.   I don’t listen to his liberal rants of hating Bush and conservatives which has become fashionable over the years.  Like anything Air America puts out, three minutes is about all I can take.   But on his nationally syndicated radio show, also simulcast on MSNBC, Don Imus called them nappy headed hos with tattoos.  I’m paraphrasing his statement, but here’s MSNBC’s coverage of the incident. 

The National Association of Black Journalists, the editor-in-chief of Essence magazine and a New York sports columnist joined the chorus against Imus.

“What he has said has deeply hurt too many people — black and white, male and female,” said NABJ President Bryan Monroe. “His so-called apology comes two days after the fact, and it is too little, too late.”

The NABJ, NNappy headed hos? That might be a little introspection on his part.ational Association of Black Journalists, among others, are calling for his ouster.  I’m not holding my breath.  Liberals never eat their own, they just swallow it and the media gives them a pass.  It’s a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and everyone else be dammed.   Remember Robert (KKK) Byrd’s statement he made on the floor of the Senate, something about there being ‘white n*****s too?’  Got a total pass.  I wonder what he thinks of Imus in light of this episode?  And who is Imus to talk about nappy heads anyway? 

Pick any conservative or republican radio personality who would (and I don’t know any who would) make such a statement and it would blow Anna Nichole Smith to the back page and all of TV would be consumed with it instead.  Frankly, I don’t understand why this issue hasn’t risen to the front page and become the lead story in the CBS, NBS, and ABS morning and evening ‘news’ programs.  That’s not exactly true, I do understand, there’s politics in play when it comes to the media.  It’s more than just a double standard.  Just how far will they go to keep a 90%+ voting block intact?  And how much more crap will that 90% take?

Update:04/18/07.  They did eat their own.  I sure got that one wrong.  Never underestimate the ‘power’ of Jesse Sharpton.   It must be re-justification time again.