The War That Must Not Be Named

A story in the Military Times gives a window into the strategic thinking–or lack thereof–of the Democrats who now control the House.

We are the ones who now cannot put a name to the war we are in.  Formerly called the war on terror.   The house majority prefers, instead, to let the enemy choose the name, based on where they are fighting, training, or attacking.  It’s just wait and see where the bombs go off and call it that, which is absurd.

James Taranto at Opinion Journal

Teachers Pension Funds Gone

New Jersey official documents say they either deposited $551 million,  $56 million, or $0 into its Teachers Pension fund.   It turns out that the actual amount was zero.  Where did it all go?  

BTW, New Jersey has been run by democrats since the 2000 election, a point the New York Times feels is not important for this article.  Right!  You know if republicans were in charge, they would have found the courage to mention it.

New York Times link.

Disclaimer:  The NYT has been known to publish fabricated stories and may not be a reliable source for this story.

Cover-up Of The Constitutional Showdown

No, it’s not about Democrats v. Bush this time.  This time it’s about special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.  Fitzgerald is fighting release of documents in the now ‘closed’ Valerie Wilson debacle.  From today’s Opinion Journal Online. . .

Mr. Fitzgerald is fighting release of the affidavits he filed with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to justify compelling two reporters to testify about their conversations with Mr. Libby, and to throw one of them in jail for 85 days until she did so. Also under court seal are eight pages of a redacted 2005 D.C. Circuit opinion by Judge David Tatel that explained the court’s decision to support Mr. Fitzgerald’s pursuit of the reporters.