Surge Working In Baghdad

You have to listen real fast when the network news comes on the radio. At the top-of-the-hour news broadcast, this ABC story was about an al-Qaida double truck bomb attack on a U.S. patrol base in Diyala, a city northeast of Baghdad. They didn’t report the big news in this story. The big news in this story is the fact that the surge in Baghdad is working, in as much as it is being credited with “the efforts to halt violence there.”

This quote below, seems to be the blurb that I heard on the radio. You have to imagine listening to this in the 10 second blurbs you get on the network radio news. So you have to listen fast.

The Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella group of Sunni militants that includes al-Qaida in Iraq, said it was behind Monday’s double attack on a U.S. patrol base in Diyala province northeast of Baghdad — an area that has seen violence spike since American troops surged into the capital to halt violence there.

The rest of the article recounts various truck bombs and suicide bombers. The usual. No further mention of the surge.

Wonder how long it will take the MSM to report any progress from the surge? As long as it is working, they won’t.

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