Dems New Tone: Us First, Then The Troops

Remembering we are war, not the one between the Democrats and Bush but the one between us and the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan,  the Democrat majority leaders insist on playing the role of Commander-In-Chief and have drafted a war appropriations bill to prove it.  The bill will end the war, not win it.  And this delay in funding the troops is already having its effects on the troops, the same troops that you will hear them say they support, and its not good.  Meanwhile, according to al Qaeda, Iraq is a great place to learn how to be a terrorist.  It has become their university of terrorism.

Seems like the Democrat leaders of today are the only ones who don’t see a terrorist problem in Iraq.  Either that or they just want to lay down the welcome mat for the terrorists upon our premature exit.  Don’t know about you, but the notion of a Democrat Commander-In-Chief makes me feel less safe.  Much less safe.   Its no wonder they also liked the ‘pretend’ Secretary of State Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to the Middle East.