Benghazi Lies, Are Coming Home, To Roost

It’s not looking good for President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The ‘spin’ they perpetrated over the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on our Benghazi consulate is beginning to unravel. What people who know how Liberals operate knew from day one was, and they are Liberals before they are President and Sec. of State, that a coverup was underway. Critical thinkers also knew that the video that practically no one saw was the straw man to cover the shortcomings, the being caught flat-footed, in the decision-making in the months leading up to the attack, up to the night of the attack.

The attack, not coincidentally on 9/11, blew up Obama’s presidential campaign theme that al-Qaeda had been decimated and was on the run. What everyone knows is that no help was sent. What everyone knows is that the administration was on record as saying that no help could have reached the consulate in time to do any good. What is coming out now, thanks to the whistleblowers who were on the scene is this: the video had nothing to do with it, there was no demonstration that “got out of control” outside the consulate in concert with demonstrations in Cairo, calls for added security before and when the attack started were ignored, and, that help could have arrived in time to save some if not all four Americans.

We also know how it finally turned out. All four Americans, including our Ambassador, were killed, if not savagely tortured first. We also know Sec. of State Hillary Clinton thanked the Libyans for turning in Ambassador Steven’s body, after they were done with him, 10 hours after he was taken from the property. We know too that the narrative the State Department gave of the event, that it was a result of a demonstration caused by a video, was contrary to what the President of Libya said, which was that it was a terrorist attack by al-Qaeda affiliates.  Embarrassing the President in Libya like that could be the reason the Libyan government was not very cooperative in the “investigation” that followed, three weeks after a CNN reporter was at the scene.

The fact that our people were killed when they didn’t have to be doesn’t mean that the President and Sec. of State wanted that to happen. But it did. What it means to me is that they both felt that protecting the re-election campaign was more important, so important that the truth of how events went down on that night could not be told. That an alternative ‘story’ had to be told. And the media, being of the same mindset, carried that scenario. They carried it to the point that people who questioned the video story were part of the black helicopter crowd. They criticized candidate Mitt Romney for acting presidential in criticizing Egypt for not protecting the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. End result of the media theme, Romney was a loon, Barack was a victim of a videographer  and won re-election.

If you’re going to perpetuate a lie, go big. And they did. The phony theme was carried to Pakistan 10 days later in an advertisement on Pakistani TV. Apologizing to the Pakistanis for the video, President Obama and Sec. of State Clinton said that they, the United States, had nothing to do with it. That was the truth. The lie was that it had anything to do with what happened in Benghazi or Cairo. This display of hubris and audacity was made for the US market. To “confirm” for us that it was all about the video.

The political future for President Obama and Hillary Clinton will be determined in the coming weeks, if not this week, when the whistleblowers come out, revealing the truth of what happened on that dreadful night. Confirming that the priorities of the administration was the re-election campaign, over anything that happened in Benghazi. We might even get an idea of just what President Obama was doing that night, when our people, people he was responsible for protecting, were fighting for their lives.

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The media isn’t going to be the bystander in this episode either. They were a willing participant then. They’ll be writing their own future in the coming weeks as well. Will they cover the story as it develops, or will they continue to carry the water for the administration?

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PETA says, Give it some thought!

PETA says before you kill that bug, give it some thought first. PETA is all up in arms over Gov. Chris Christie taking care of business when a spider walked on his desk during a school visit. He did what any normal person would do. He got rid of it.

Ingrid Newkirk, president of People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, described Christie’s killing of the spider as a thoughtless act.

“He probably did it without thinking. Some people put the spider outside, but spiders are often scary to people, and that can prevent them from pondering their worth,” Newkirk said.

Their worth? They have no meat to eat, they can make you sick or kill you. Maybe Ingrid was bitten by one. That would explain her idiotic reaction to how Christie handled the situation.


Federal Government Gone Wild

If you spent all the money in your bank account, and you didn’t plan to put any more money into it, would you close the account?

How about if the bank charged you a fee to keep that empty account open? You’d definitely close it then, right? It’s common sense.

This is going to make you mad: the federal government is paying fees on 13,712 empty bank accounts. That’s according to the Washington Post this week. And instead of closing the accounts, the federal government is paying $890,000 in fees for . . . nothing.

Where does that $890,000 come from? Your taxes.

Next time you hear a politician talk about cutting government waste, just know that he is not serious and just wants your vote, or this would never have happened. Had anyone ever kept their promise, don’t you think they would have made public their success? Have you seen such a list yet?


No ‘rest’ for Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev

No cemetery Mass, Conn, or New Jersey wants Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body. And who can blame them? Even Imams are divided on the subject.

“I would not be willing to do a funeral for him,” said Imam Talal Eid of the Islamic Institute of Boston, a community services organization that frequently arranges funeral prayers and burials in the region. “This is a person who deliberately killed people. There is no room for him as a Muslim. He already left the fold of Islam by doing that. In the Quran it says those who will kill innocent people, they will dwell in the hellfire.”

Imam Suhaib Webb of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, the city’s largest mosque, had a slightly different opinion.

 “He should be buried according to the religious tradition he adheres to. His case is with God.

I agree with Suhaib. Since the religious tradition Tamerlan adheres to is exploding people in public, put him on a barge with some explosives up his ass rigged with a remote control. Give survivors of his deed the chance to take part in setting it off. It’s a win win.

Obama Blames U.S., In Mexico

The community-organizer-turned-President is at it again. Before an audience of college students in Mexico, he blames the United States eric_holder_fast_and_furiousfor Mexico’s drug and gun violence. All without mentioning his Justice Department’s ‘Fast and Furious’ gun running program, responsible for arming and killing hundreds, if not thousands of Mexicans, in Mexico. Not to mention one of our own border patrol agents.

Speaking in campaign mode, his usual posture, the President accepts zero responsibility for everything he is blaming his country for. Stop the insanity. Just stop it.

President Obama . . .

“And we also recognize that most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States. (Applause.) I think many of you know that in America, our Constitution guarantees our individual right to bear arms, and as President I swore an oath to uphold that right and I always will. But at the same time, as I’ve said in the United States, I will continue to do everything in my power to pass common-sense reforms that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people. That can save lives here in Mexico and back home in the United States. It’s the right thing to do. (Applause.) So we’ll keep increasing the pressure on gun traffickers who bring illegal guns into Mexico. We’ll keep putting these criminals where they belong — behind bars. “

“That’s why today, I have directed the FBI to arrest Attorney General Eric Holder.” No, he didn’t say that. But he should have.

Fact is, because Mexico is such a corrupt and backward country, most of a lot of good things in Mexico come from the United States. Including Mexico’s second largest foreign revenue source, nearly $2 Billion in remittances. That is money mailed or wired back to Mexico from the United States by Mexicans living in the United States.

The Obama administration is still silent on Fast and Furious and that investigation. Just as the New York Times is silent about the President’s pandering to all those undocumented Democrats in Mexico.

Link: Obama Blames U.S. for Gun Violence in Mexico

835,000 Fewer ‘Workers’ In April

The DOL’s weekly update shows the unemployment rate fell .1 to 7.5%. This was not as a result of more people working however. It was a result of 835,000 people dropping out of the workforce.

This is a case, as it has been since Obama became President, what looks like good news really isn’t. The labor participation rate, the number of people in the country that are working, is at 63.3 percent. That’s Jimmy Carter territory.

Pizza Delivery Driver, Robbed At Gunpoint

A Pizza Hut delivery driver was ambushed and robbed by three armed black men Wednesday night, 5/1/2013. The incident occurred in the pizza-hut-logo(1)7800 block of Graves Road around 10 pm. Graves Road runs from Olive Road, two blocks East of Davis Highway in Pensacola.

The thugs took the pizza, about $40 cash and the driver’s wallet. Fortunately, he was not physically hurt and notified the Sheriff’s Department. His wife and child are no doubt grateful that Daddy is home and safe.

Since the robbers are as yet unidentified, armed and dangerous, the police would like a tip that would help take these thugs off the street. If you happen to see a delivery driver making a delivery somewhere, keep an eye out for him or her. You might have a chance to really make a difference, for them and for our community.

As an aside, any bets as to whether the thugs obtained their guns legally, and, are allowed by law to posses them? Do you believe that stricter gun control laws will prevent crimes like this?

Think Progress Writer, Ayers Fan Busted for Fake Hate Crime

Possibly building up her creds for a debut on Ring of Fire radio, or maybe her own show on MSNBC, a Think Progress blogger, Meg Lanker-Simons, creates a hoax rape threat against herself to blame it on Republicans.Meg_Lanker_Simons_Wyoming_Arrested_Hoax_Rapeuwcrush_Meg Lanker-Simons_fantasy The “creeper” is her.


“Not only do Progressives re-write history, sometimes they manufacture it…”


Links: Think Progress Writer, Ayers Fan Busted for Fake Hate Crime.  |  Police: Student Faked Rape Threat Against Herself

SEIU May Day Membership Drive, Illegal Immigrants

Did you know that the SEIU was up front on the humanitarian plight of illegal aliens? Well, they are not. What they are after is amnesty and enrolling undocumented workers into the union fold. They call it “Growing Momentum.”

Finally, in the last sentence, the truth comes out. Their push for immigration reform has less to do with the humanitarian aspect than it does for growing union membership among undocumented workers.

On Benghazi Attack, Ignorance Abounds

At President Obama’s “news conference” today, when asked about eye witnesses (some in the State Department) being blocked, or barack_obama_presserotherwise pressured from coming forward, and requests by their attorneys for the necessary security clearances to represent them being ignored, President Obama claimed ignorance.

Q Ed Henry:   And on the Benghazi portion, I know pieces of this story have been litigated, you’ve been asked about it.  But there are people in your own State Department saying they’ve been blocked from coming forward, that they survived the terror attack and they want to tell their story.  Will you help them come forward and just say it once and for all?

THE PRESIDENT:  Ed, I’m not familiar with this notion that anybody has been blocked from testifying.  So what I’ll do is I will find out what exactly you’re referring to.  What I’ve been very clear about from the start is that our job with respect to Benghazi has been to find out exactly what happened, to make sure that U.S. embassies not just in the Middle East but around the world are safe and secure, and to bring those who carried it out to justice.

But I’ll find out what exactly you’re referring to.

Q Ed Henry:   They’ve hired an attorney because they’re saying that they’ve been blocked from coming forward.

THE PRESIDENT:  I’m not familiar with it.

There was no “Yes Ed, if what you are saying has any truth to it, I will help them come forward so the American people may know the truth in the matter. As you know Ed, this administration prides itself in being open, transparent, and forthcoming with the truth.” Maybe the President should assign someone in his administration to watch FOX news, the only network carrying the story?

Adding to the ignorance is Secretary of State John Kerry (who served in Vietnam). In classic John Kerry, his response was bi-polar.

  • First chastising Republicans pressing for answers to what happened on the night of the attack, and for not simply accepting “the conclusions of the Accountability Review Board empanelled by his predecessor, Hillary Rodham Clinton.”
  • Then seeming to agree with Republicans saying “We have to demythologize this issue and certainly depoliticize it. The American people deserve answers. I’m determined that this will be an accountable and open State Department as it has been in the past, and we will continue to do that, and we will provide answers.”

The only problem with his statement is the “as it has been in the past” part. Because his predecessor, Secretary of State Clinton, was anything but forthcoming with facts. Was forthcoming with the false story about a YouTube video.

Then a State Department spokesman denied that any requests by attorneys representing the whistle blowers were made. Which doesn’t jibe with Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) complaint that he had not received responses to four letters he sent to the administration calling for whistle-blowers’ lawyers to get the security clearances needed to represent their clients. Further, State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell flatly denied that any employee had been threatened or told to remain silent.

Whether we’re looking at ignorance, or a cover-up, based on statements coming from The White House and the State Department, there’s plenty enough reason (not even counting the surviving family members’ need to know) to get to the bottom of what happened on the night of the attack. Including why no help was sent.

Link: News Conference by the President  |  GOP persists with questions about Benghazi attack