Pizza Delivery Driver, Robbed At Gunpoint

A Pizza Hut delivery driver was ambushed and robbed by three armed black men Wednesday night, 5/1/2013. The incident occurred in the pizza-hut-logo(1)7800 block of Graves Road around 10 pm. Graves Road runs from Olive Road, two blocks East of Davis Highway in Pensacola.

The thugs took the pizza, about $40 cash and the driver’s wallet. Fortunately, he was not physically hurt and notified the Sheriff’s Department. His wife and child are no doubt grateful that Daddy is home and safe.

Since the robbers are as yet unidentified, armed and dangerous, the police would like a tip that would help take these thugs off the street. If you happen to see a delivery driver making a delivery somewhere, keep an eye out for him or her. You might have a chance to really make a difference, for them and for our community.

As an aside, any bets as to whether the thugs obtained their guns legally, and, are allowed by law to posses them? Do you believe that stricter gun control laws will prevent crimes like this?

Think Progress Writer, Ayers Fan Busted for Fake Hate Crime

Possibly building up her creds for a debut on Ring of Fire radio, or maybe her own show on MSNBC, a Think Progress blogger, Meg Lanker-Simons, creates a hoax rape threat against herself to blame it on Republicans.Meg_Lanker_Simons_Wyoming_Arrested_Hoax_Rapeuwcrush_Meg Lanker-Simons_fantasy The “creeper” is her.


“Not only do Progressives re-write history, sometimes they manufacture it…”


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