Gregg Allman Coming To Pensacola

You can’t have grown up in the 60’s and not also have grown with the Allman Bros. Band. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

It is the band that started the genre known as Southern Rock. 50 years later, I always look forward to seeing them, or in this case, Gregg and his band. He’s coming to Pensacola July 12, 2013.

To say that the Allman Brothers Band has had an effect on my life would be an understatement. I remember vividly in 1969, or was it 1970? (grin) Standing on the floor, in the Spectrum in Philly, about 20 feet from the stage and a tower of loudspeakers. I think the ticket price was about $6 back then. It is the reason my hearing in my left ear now is pretty much shot. Not complaining. I have to say even now, it was still worth it.

Gregg is touring with Hank Williams Jr. Tickets