A Conservative’s Call To Action

In his book Liberty and Tyranny, Mark Levin artfully presents a harmonious marriage of the timeless with the timely. On the one hand, the book is a thorough yet compact briefing on the major political issues of this era. On the other hand, he brings to bear the principles of the American Founders and Framers of the Constitution (and the great thinkers who guided them), illustrating, dissecting, and explaining our current political arguments, while enlightening the reader with the genuine wisdom bequeathed to all of us — the sacred trust of the Founders, embodied in the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and Federalist Papers, all of which are quoted and applied with insight and precision.

In the epilogue, below, Levin breaks down the labels in politics to the point where the language means something, and what the labels really represent. He calls it A Conservative Manifesto. And it is, or should be, our call to action to turn this ship called the United States of America around from where we are headed. And chart the course made by our founding documents and founding fathers.

Not only does he break it down into ten points, but he makes the point that this is not going to happen if we are spectators. We must be activist by comparison. Participate and get involved where you can, beginning at the kitchen table. If you want to be part of the solution, this is where we and the people we elect need to go.

A Conservative Manifesto by Mark Levin

h/t American Thinker and Graciously lifted from Mark Levin