Benghazi Lies, Are Coming Home, To Roost

It’s not looking good for President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The ‘spin’ they perpetrated over the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on our Benghazi consulate is beginning to unravel. What people who know how Liberals operate knew from day one was, and they are Liberals before they are President and Sec. of State, that a coverup was underway. Critical thinkers also knew that the video that practically no one saw was the straw man to cover the shortcomings, the being caught flat-footed, in the decision-making in the months leading up to the attack, up to the night of the attack.

The attack, not coincidentally on 9/11, blew up Obama’s presidential campaign theme that al-Qaeda had been decimated and was on the run. What everyone knows is that no help was sent. What everyone knows is that the administration was on record as saying that no help could have reached the consulate in time to do any good. What is coming out now, thanks to the whistleblowers who were on the scene is this: the video had nothing to do with it, there was no demonstration that “got out of control” outside the consulate in concert with demonstrations in Cairo, calls for added security before and when the attack started were ignored, and, that help could have arrived in time to save some if not all four Americans.

We also know how it finally turned out. All four Americans, including our Ambassador, were killed, if not savagely tortured first. We also know Sec. of State Hillary Clinton thanked the Libyans for turning in Ambassador Steven’s body, after they were done with him, 10 hours after he was taken from the property. We know too that the narrative the State Department gave of the event, that it was a result of a demonstration caused by a video, was contrary to what the President of Libya said, which was that it was a terrorist attack by al-Qaeda affiliates.  Embarrassing the President in Libya like that could be the reason the Libyan government was not very cooperative in the “investigation” that followed, three weeks after a CNN reporter was at the scene.

The fact that our people were killed when they didn’t have to be doesn’t mean that the President and Sec. of State wanted that to happen. But it did. What it means to me is that they both felt that protecting the re-election campaign was more important, so important that the truth of how events went down on that night could not be told. That an alternative ‘story’ had to be told. And the media, being of the same mindset, carried that scenario. They carried it to the point that people who questioned the video story were part of the black helicopter crowd. They criticized candidate Mitt Romney for acting presidential in criticizing Egypt for not protecting the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. End result of the media theme, Romney was a loon, Barack was a victim of a videographer  and won re-election.

If you’re going to perpetuate a lie, go big. And they did. The phony theme was carried to Pakistan 10 days later in an advertisement on Pakistani TV. Apologizing to the Pakistanis for the video, President Obama and Sec. of State Clinton said that they, the United States, had nothing to do with it. That was the truth. The lie was that it had anything to do with what happened in Benghazi or Cairo. This display of hubris and audacity was made for the US market. To “confirm” for us that it was all about the video.

The political future for President Obama and Hillary Clinton will be determined in the coming weeks, if not this week, when the whistleblowers come out, revealing the truth of what happened on that dreadful night. Confirming that the priorities of the administration was the re-election campaign, over anything that happened in Benghazi. We might even get an idea of just what President Obama was doing that night, when our people, people he was responsible for protecting, were fighting for their lives.

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The media isn’t going to be the bystander in this episode either. They were a willing participant then. They’ll be writing their own future in the coming weeks as well. Will they cover the story as it develops, or will they continue to carry the water for the administration?