Pensacola IRS Office Protest Today

Tea Party Patriots and everybody else that has had enough of what has become Obama’s henchmen will protest outside of the downtown IRS office beginning at 12 Noon today, May 21, 2013.

The address is: IRS OFFICE,  880 N. REUS STREET, PENSACOLA, FL  7180 North 9th Ave (just north of 9th Ave & Creighton Rd)

Click HERE for a location near you.

Update: Click HERE for pics at the North 9th Ave. IRS office. H/T Cheryl Casey Photography

2nd Update: the address originally listed above is obsolete. The IRS office on North 9th Ave is the new one taxpayers paid for. It replaced the one on Reus St. The pics from Cheryl Casey are from in front of the new IRS office on North 9th Ave.