SEC, Obama’s Back Door IRS

Having been caught violating the civil rights of thousands of Americans trying to assemble, contribute, and advocate a cause, the IRS

Mary Jo White, SEC Chair
SEC Chair, Mary Jo White

scandal has been shut down. That, after all, was just symptomatic of the way liberals play politics. They don’t compete in the arena of ideas, they use the government to intimidate the political opposition. And in this case, to help Obama get re-elected by harassing conservative contributors and PACs that would contribute to the Romney campaign. This is what the IRS inquiries into conservative non-profit applications was all about. And it worked. But don’t hold your breath for any lawsuits about their civil rights or First Amendment rights being denied.

But the political intimidation is not over. Liberals also use regulators like the SEC or EPA to do the job that the IRS can not. All of which was triggered by the Citizens United Supreme Court case that guaranteed corporations the same rights to exercise political speech as a person has.

The back door to what the IRS was doing, which was finding out the names and businesses that contributed to conservative organizations for conservative causes, and preventing as much as possible contributions to organizations that would advocate against a liberal agenda, a clear violation of civil rights, is now called the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Reacting to, ostensibly, a coalition of Democratic elected officials, activists and labor unions, the SEC is considering making up a new disclosure rule for publicly traded companies. The SEC is considering a regulation mandating that publicly traded corporations disclose all their political donations to their shareholders. Still a violation of civil rights of the shareholders and the corporation. It is Big Brother using the power of intimidation to shut down any and all political opposition. It is instructive too that the assumption is that corporations would not also give to liberals.

A petition to the S.E.C. asking it to issue the rule has already garnered close to half a million comments, far more than any petition or rule in the agency’s history, with the vast majority in favor of it. While relatively few petitions result in action by the S.E.C., the commission staff filed a notice late last year indicating that it was considering recommending a rule.

In response to the growing pressure, House Republicans introduced legislation last Thursday that would make it illegal for the commission to issue any political disclosure regulations applying to companies under its jurisdiction. Earlier this month, the leaders of three of Washington’s most powerful trade associations — the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and the Business Roundtable — issued a rare joint letter to the chief executives of Fortune 200 companies, encouraging them to stand against proxy resolutions and other proposals from shareholder activists demanding more disclosure of political spending.

What we continue to see is the political warfare conducted by liberals. It is liberalism on display. It is what they do. They restrict rights, restrict liberties, ignore the constitution, depress economies, increase debt, spread misery all in the name of social justice. Social justice isn’t justice. It’s harassment.

Link: SEC nears decision on requiring businesses to disclose donations

Axelrod, Government Is Too Big

In defense of President Obama’s ignorance of what is going on in the Internal Revenue Service (and the State and Justice Departments), David Axelrod finds himself agreeing with what the Tea Party folks have said since the beginning of this administration. The only difference is Axlerod is attempting to excuse abuse by the embedded liberal government employees because, the government is too big. Whereas the Tea Party continues to say that because the government is too big and getting bigger, it is limiting freedom and liberty, by-passing the Constitution, and with Obamacare, is usurping one sixth of the private sector economy.

Axelrod said, “Part of being president is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast.” And that is exactly the way the community-organizer-turned-president wants it. He can accept, or reject, responsibility for whatever he chooses.

There is a dichotomy there that Axelrod is missing. Welcome to the Tea Party Mr. Axelrod.

Repeal Obamacare Begins Today

Today the House is expected to vote on H.R. 45 – To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in the Health Care fireworks1and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.

Regardless of what the Democrat-controlled Senate (53 D’s, 45 R’s, 2 I’s) does with it, at least Americans can see that their representatives in the House are listening to them.

Rubio Explains ‘NO’ On Water Resources Development Act of 2013

So who could possibly vote against a bill that tugs at your heart strings like a bill named Water Resources Development Act? Senator Rubio (R-FL) could, and did. But for good reason. The Democrat majority Senate pulled out all that would have helped solved Florida’s water problems. Sen. Nelson (D-FL) voted for it because it did help the Everglades. Admirable, but, other of Florida’s water priorities that were originally in the bill had been pulled out.

Rubio explains his vote . . .

Continue reading Rubio Explains ‘NO’ On Water Resources Development Act of 2013

Tea Party President Wins Florida House D-2 Primary

Mike Hill (R), small business owner, founder, NWF Tea Party

Mike Hill (R), president and founder of the Northwest Florida Tea Party and a 2010 Republican Primary candidate for the Florida Senate, won the Republican primary for the House seat left vacant after the death of Rep. Clay Ford (R),  in a primary election Tuesday. The general election will be held June 11 for the vacant seat.

According to the Miami Herald, “If Hill wins the seat, he would become the only African-American Republican currently serving in the Legislature.”

Mr. Hill won by nearly 2 to 1 over the second place candidate.

Congratulations to Mike Hill for winning his first election to public office. And many more!

Unofficial results HERE.


Initial unofficial results include all early votes and absentee votes.
“Precincts Reporting” will be updated as election day returns are processed.
43 of 43 Precincts Reporting


Candidate Votes Percentage
Mike Hill 3,140 46.50 %
Ed Gray III 1,811 26.82 %
Mark Taylor 700 10.37 %
Jack Nobles 644 9.54 %
Scott Miller 360 5.33 %
David Radcliffe 97 1.44 %

Link: Hill Wins Republican Primary

New Orleans Crime Has Common Thread

On the heals of the Mother’s Day shooting in New Orleans, and with the media and the pols in Washington trumpeting stricter gun control cost_of_crimelaws (despite falling gun crime statistics) I came across this article by Walter E. Williams that does touch on what ‘the problem’ is. It is societal and political and is perpetuated by the victims themselves. In cooperation with the race hustlers and poverty pimps.

Today 72 percent of black babies are born out of wedlock. Being born and finding out that your mother is 17 years old, that your grandmother is 35 and that you don’t know who or where your father is is not a good start on life. In fact, it’s a near guarantee for school dropout, poverty and crime, but such a start in life has nothing to do with racial discrimination.

In his article ‘Honest Examination of Race,’ Williams casts PC aside to take a look at what plagues large cities under Democratic control.

One definition given for insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results; it might also be a definition of stupidity. Let’s look at some cities where large percentages of black Americans live under poor conditions.

More . . .

New Orleans’ 7th Ward Erupts In Gun Violence

A shooting incident interrupted a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans’ 7th Ward. Police are discounting terrorism as the cause. They are calling it your basic “street violence.”

The apparent target of today’s shooting was the Original Big 7  club and its followers. Founded in 1996 in the Saint Bernard Housing Projects in the 7th Ward of New Orleans.  Despite hundreds of witnesses, police have no leads or suspects in custody. On their facebook page, the club emphatically states “Crime and violence in New Orleans is a systemic problem and we strongly believe that safeguarding our cultural heritage helps to address the roots of violence.” Emphasis on “systemic problem.”

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) urged witnesses to come forward with information during a news conference Sunday night at a hospital where gunshot victims were taken. “These kinds of incidents will not go unanswered. Somebody knows something. The way to stop this violence is for you all to help,” he said.

This kind of gun violence isn’t going to be solved by making more laws to not enforce. Shooting people in the streets is already illegal. It’s already illegal for felons to have guns.

Gun violence like this is going to take the people living there to solve on their own. It is not gun control that our nation needs but self-control; a lifetime result molded from the synergies of love and discipline in the home, bonding in the community, and encouragement in the church. Government and laws in the absence of these will serve no useful purpose.

Square Inc. Joins Anti-Gun Hysteria Crowd

Effective March 10, 2013, Square Inc., the convenient portable credit card processor, has aligned itself with the gun control hysteria squarecrowd, expanding their exclusions for use to not just firearms not made in person, but also to ammunition and anything to do with firearms made in person or by any other means. It amounts to a 100% prohibition of anything related to, and including, firearms.

Square Inc. sent notice of their new Merchant Agreement to current subscribers today, with the proviso that by continuing to use their service, you agree to the terms of the new Merchant Agreement.

The updated agreement will take effect on June 9, 2013. If you continue to use our services after June 9, 2013, you agree to the terms of the new agreement. You will be able to access the previous version of the agreement for the next thirty days.

The details are found in Section 6 of their new Merchant Agreement . . .

By creating a Square Account, you also confirm that you will not accept payments in connection with the following businesses or business activities: . . . (23) sales of (i) firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or (ii) weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury

Relating to firearms, the previous policy prohibited use only for firearms sales not made in person.

(23) internet/mail order/telephone order firearm or weapon sales,

If you are a business owner and don’t agree with the stance Square has taken, regardless of what industry you are in, there are alternatives to using Square Inc.  One is Payment Alliance International. They also have a NRA & NSSF Endorsed Shooting Sports Payments Package.

Media, Benghazi Co-conspirators?

From the lack of media coverage of the hearings, it is clear that the media has staked a position instead of reporting events as they mainstreammedialogosunfold. There is absolutely no curiosity to get to the bottom of conflicting reports surrounding the attack. Conflicting reports from what the administration put forth and those of witnesses on the ground at the time. Witnesses, by the way, that up until now, long after the election, have not been heard from. The media has too much at stake in the success of this administration. Because now, they are willing participants in the cover-up as well.

If it is not in the news, did it really happen? If all of what is in the news is the Democrat talking points, does that mean it is true or deserves no further examination?

Cummings Admits To Benghazi Political Cover-up

In his opening statement, Ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearings on Benghazi, Elijah cummings_benghazi_hearingCummings (D-Md.) explained the purpose of the hearings, which was to expose the cover-up committed by the State Department and others. The cover-up that was executed for political, not criminal, purposes. It was an attempt to prevent damage to the administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s political future. The extent they would go to do that included lying to the American people and to the survivors of four dead Americans. Americans need to have some confidence that they won’t be lied to by their government, for any reason.

It follows that an investigation of a political cover-up is going to be political. Not by those wanting to find the truth of what happened in Benghazi and in Washington before, during, and after the September 11th attack. But to those not wanting the truth to come out.

Pertinent part of the Cummings transcript . . .

I am not questioning the motives of our witnesses, I am questioning the motives of those who want to use their statements for political purposes.

From the lack of media coverage of the hearings, it is apparent that the media has staked a position instead of reporting events as they unfold. There is absolutely no curiosity to get to the bottom of conflicting reports surrounding the attack. They have too much at stake already in the success of this administration because now, they are willing participants in the cover-up as well.