Organizing For Action Panicked Over Obamacare

Obama on Obamacare: “. . .maybe you’re better off not having the surgery but taking the pain pill.”

“They’re outspending us on Obamacare!” Andy Rooney voice ON: Ever wonder why the President and his supporters have their shorts in a wad over Obamacare, years after it became law?”

Received an email from Erin Hannigan, Health Care Campaign Manager (Health Care Campaign Manager?), from Barack and Michelle’s Organizing for Action PAC. He is all stressed out over being overspent on advertising for Obamacare and, has his hand out for donations.

The Koch brothers have crossed a line.

Their latest anti-Obamacare ads aren’t subtle — they’ve got images of a creepy Uncle Sam in a doctor’s office, apparently taking advantage of unsuspecting patients. It’s a despicable way to do something pretty despicable: trying to scare Americans out of getting health insurance. They have millions to spend on these ads — that’s their strategy. Donate $5 or more today, and help fund the grassroots team that is fighting back hard.

Don’t worry, be happy! Worry about what needs to be done to make Obama’s “recovery” an actual recovery. That would be productive.

Update: Want another example of a law that is flawed from the get go? The Health Care Campaign Manager is desperately appealing to his online community to promote it. This has got to be a first, where a law was enacted (by hook and by crook) and needed activists to promote it. The reason is simple, half of America’s representatives (the Republicans) were prevented input on it, and most Americans don’t want it. It is, by definition, a flawed law.

So, in true community organizer style, another appeal from the OFA gang . . .

Four days to go — and then the health care marketplace will be open!

You’ve been a part of the Truth Team for the past few months now, so you know how important this moment is: Millions of uninsured Americans will finally have the chance — many for the first time — to find quality coverage that is affordable for them and their families. It’s a pretty big deal. And you know we have our work cut out for us. Outside groups are spending millions trying to scare and confuse folks about the law — $400 million so far, actually. So before Tuesday, take a minute to make sure your friends have the facts about Obamacare.

New York Times, ‘Government Programs’ End Poverty

A New York Times story on Obama’s economy includes this shameless spin of how good the government (the Obama administration) is for keeping people “out of poverty” by putting them on the government dole.

Government programs remain a lifeline for millions. Unemployment insurance, whose eligibility the federal government expanded in response to the downturn, kept 1.7 million people out of poverty last year. Food stamps, if counted as income, would have kept out four million. {emphasis added}

Downturn? What downturn? This is Obama’s recovery! He isn’t called the ‘food stamp president’ for nothing. The Times finally gives him his credit due.

No doubt there is a cure to ending poverty. And it doesn’t involve unleashing a vibrant economy, creating jobs. Just send checks to everyone below the poverty level. There, no more poverty.

Isn’t it rather obvious that if you have no job and getting food stamps, and the government is your “lifeline,” that you are in poverty, not out of it?

Shutdown? Debt! Shutdown? Debt!

If there’s anything to be learned from Liberals in general and the current administration, it is that a term like “debt ceiling” means only that if it is breached, then it must be raised.

What a difference a political party makes. President Bush left office with our national debt at $9 trillion. And back then, candidate Obama said that a debt like that was “irresponsible and unpatriotic.” So as president, what has he done about it? He has increased it more in the first three years and two months in office than Bush did in eight years. And is on track to double it, to over $20 trillion, by the end of his eighth year.

Now that they are in The White House, a debt means nothing. Just print money, depress the dollar, artificially pump up Wall Street to give an illusion of recovery, and hope the shit doesn’t hit the fan while they’re in charge. The President makes no effort to fundamentally change the notion that spending more than we have is OK. Instead, he calls it being a “deadbeat” for not paying our bills. He must be one of those kids that open up credit cards to pay balances of other credit cards, because that’s what he is doing to our country.

The meme from the media is all about government shutdown by Republicans, not a peep about irresponsible management of our economy or about fixing it.

Reid, Obama Want Government Shutdown, Not Republicans

Outstanding piece by Sarah Palin on Breitbart. The majority of Americans don’t want Obamacare and the higher cost and the rest of the broken promises that go with it. It is killing jobs all over the country, including in the Health Care industry like 150 jobs at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola and, no doubt, at a hospital near you.

Palin’s message to Republicans is simple. Stand on principles, pay no attention to how the media will demagogue you for standing up for the American people. They’ll do that no matter what, and always will. So get over it. Do the job the American people sent you to do.

It is President Obama who is willing to negotiate with people who gas children, but not Republicans. It is President Obama who continues to divide this country, and legislate by fiat against the will of the American people. Over sixty percent of the country doesn’t like and does not want Obamacare. He has demonstrated that he is President of the Democrat Party, not all Americans like he took an oath to be.

So who’s hyping a government shutdown? In an email from Lindsay Siler,National Director of Issue Campaigns, Organizing for Action, at . . .

We’re 10 days from a government shutdown, and John Boehner just brought us closer to the brink.

Sarah ends her piece with this beauty, “Oh, and a little reminder to Republican senators up for re-election in 2014: Moose season ends soon, allowing more time on one’s hands. So, we’ll be watching your votes very carefully this week.”

Link: EXCLUSIVE: Palin — Bombs Away on Obamacare; Cruz Is over the Target  |  Sacred Heart Health System to Lay Off Up to 150

Chicago 19, Navy Yard 13, Pensacola 1

Last night wrought 1 dead and 18 wounded in two incidents in Chicago last night. According to an FBI report on crime, Chicago is branded the Murder Capital of America. A witness of the shooting in the Chicago park told a reporter, “They’ve been coming round here looking for people to shoot every night, just gang-banging stuff. It’s what they do.”

From another witness, in the CBS video . . .

They was a lot of shots like, boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. Man like like, I say like nine some people got hit. A little kid got hit in the face man. I don’t know if he’s still alie. I don’t know what’s his condition.

A “young girl” was victim of another shooting in Pensacola last night. The Pensacola News Journal reports . . .

“There was an ongoing feud on this street between individuals,” he said. “According to the family, she was not from the neighborhood.”

The Navy Yard shooting in Washington got wall to wall news coverage from a crazy person with a gun. But when it comes down to the violent crime culture? Not so much.

Links: Chicago park shooting leaves 13 wounded, including 3-year-old boy – CBS News.  |  Young girl shot to death on Maxwell Street

Big Labor Owns Democrats

They own Democrats in Washington, and there is a bill in the House and in the Senate that proves this point. It is called the National Right-to-Work Act, H.R. 946 in the House, and S. 204 in the Senate.

From the legislation Summary:trumka-caucus-blog480

The National Right-to-Work Act – Amends the National Labor Relations Act and the Railway Labor Act to repeal those provisions that permit employers, pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement that is a union security agreement, to require employees to join a union as a condition of employment (including provisions permitting railroad carriers to require, pursuant to such an agreement, payroll deduction of union dues or fees as a condition of employment).

Translation; the bill will repeal those portions of the National Labor Relations Act and the Railway Labor Act that require you to join the union as a condition of employment. Similarly, the bill repeals those provisions that force you to pay union dues via payroll deduction, whether you are a member or not. Even if you are a union member, you can’t send them a check, or use your debit card. The government forces you to pay via payroll deduction, or to put it another way, guarantees that the union will get theirs. This was a free country. This bill will ensure that it stays that way, at least as far as getting a job is concerned.

OK, that’s the background. Where’s the evidence to support that Big Labor owns the Democrats? You would think that rational people, especially our elected representatives, would be all about freedom, and would be all about removing obstacles, not only for an unemployed person to get a job, but for employers to have one to offer. But, you’d be wrong.

Neither the House bill nor the Senate bill have a single Democrat cosponsor. Not one. House cosponsors: R-101, D-0. Senate cosponsors: R-14, D-0.

For the reason why this is the case, you don’t have to look any further than to see what political party is the beneficiary of labor union campaign contributions and street support. Hint, it isn’t the Republican party. What it shows is that Democrats value their constituents less than their campaign contributors, and are willing to let them (you) suffer the consequences.

Want another example of union ownership of the Democrat party? Wait and see how successful AFL-CIO Richard Trumpka was with his private meeting with President Obama where he wants either a union exemption from Obamacare or union subsidies for Obamacare. But none for you. You’ll gladly pay for that, won’t you?

Link: H.R. 946: National Right-to-Work Act  |  S. 204: A bill to preserve and protect the free choice of individual employees to form, join, or assist labor …

Republicans Fund The Government Without Obamacare

So you’ll know the spin when you see it, it is President Obama and Democrats talking about shutting down the government, not Republicans. When they say Republicans want to shut down the government, it’s a lie. That’s simply not true. They are playing on your fears that the government will shut down, as though that would be a bad thing. If H.J. Res 62 gets passed, the government won’t be shut down.

For President Obama to say (over and over again) that Republicans want to shut down the government, and accusing Republicans of a crime, extortion, he is making his usual straw man argument. His lemmings of course will believe him, and his media will say nothing to the contrary.THE TRUTH IS, Republicans want to fund the government, to keep it running, at 2013 level spending, plus whatever new has been appropriated EXCEPT for funds related to Obamacare. That’s what H.J. Resolution 62 (the continuing resolution in the House) does. It again will revisit Obamacare spending in September of 2014. It essentially, puts Obamacare on hold by giving working people the same relief as Obama gave BIG LABOR and themselves (Republicans included) in Congress.

Check it out. It’s a mere 10 pages. Then tell your representative to vote YES on it. Might also remind him, in a nice way, that you expect him to represent you and not the Democrat party or the President.

Link: H.J.Res. 62: Stability, Security, and Fairness Resolution of 2013

Kerry Bowers For President In 2016


I am pleased to announce and pass along this video of Kerry Bowers’ bid for President of the United States for 2016.

Aside from a long career in the United States Air Force, Kerry has been actively involved in communities and states where he and Deb have lived. For the last several years as volunteer State Director for Americans For Fair Taxation, AFFT, and before that as Co-District Director for the Panhandlle District of the Florida FairTax Education Association, FFTEA. As a supporter of the FairTax myself, this is where and how I met Kerry and Deb.

Kerry Bowers is not only a man of principle, a believer in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but a humanitarian too. His platform on more topics than any other candidate dare shake a stick at are available, right now, on his website Your path to Restoring America’s Blessings starts there. Read his platform. It isn’t a laundry list of complaints and finger pointing. Rather, it is a laundry list of solutions. It also better equips you to ask questions of other candidates and probe what their solution may be. If they even have one.

Because of his openness and honesty, you know what you can expect when you vote for him in a primary election, then hopefully in the 2016 general election. He shows you where his fiscal priorities are by showing you his proposed budget for 2015. Ever seen another candidate do that? Then there is our current president who won’t make one. There’s no political smoke and mirrors with Kerry Bowers. You can expect a thoughtful and constitutionally based opinion or decision on any topic. He believes in the power of the people as opposed to the power of the government. He sees, like you see, an oppressive government now. A government that is holding America back. He knows the key to more and better paying jobs, economic recovery, and the return of, and to, family values is in reforming more than just the tax code. It must also include reforming the government. Or as he puts it, Restoring America’s Blessings.

As he states in this video, he is setting the standard for the presidential candidates of 2016. In my humble opinion, you owe it to your family and our country to visit his website and check him out.

Link: Full Transcript of the 2016 Presidential Campaign announcement video