Organizing For Action Panicked Over Obamacare

Obama on Obamacare: “. . .maybe you’re better off not having the surgery but taking the pain pill.”

“They’re outspending us on Obamacare!” Andy Rooney voice ON: Ever wonder why the President and his supporters have their shorts in a wad over Obamacare, years after it became law?”

Received an email from Erin Hannigan, Health Care Campaign Manager (Health Care Campaign Manager?), from Barack and Michelle’s Organizing for Action PAC. He is all stressed out over being overspent on advertising for Obamacare and, has his hand out for donations.

The Koch brothers have crossed a line.

Their latest anti-Obamacare ads aren’t subtle — they’ve got images of a creepy Uncle Sam in a doctor’s office, apparently taking advantage of unsuspecting patients. It’s a despicable way to do something pretty despicable: trying to scare Americans out of getting health insurance. They have millions to spend on these ads — that’s their strategy. Donate $5 or more today, and help fund the grassroots team that is fighting back hard.

Don’t worry, be happy! Worry about what needs to be done to make Obama’s “recovery” an actual recovery. That would be productive.

Update: Want another example of a law that is flawed from the get go? The Health Care Campaign Manager is desperately appealing to his online community to promote it. This has got to be a first, where a law was enacted (by hook and by crook) and needed activists to promote it. The reason is simple, half of America’s representatives (the Republicans) were prevented input on it, and most Americans don’t want it. It is, by definition, a flawed law.

So, in true community organizer style, another appeal from the OFA gang . . .

Four days to go — and then the health care marketplace will be open!

You’ve been a part of the Truth Team for the past few months now, so you know how important this moment is: Millions of uninsured Americans will finally have the chance — many for the first time — to find quality coverage that is affordable for them and their families. It’s a pretty big deal. And you know we have our work cut out for us. Outside groups are spending millions trying to scare and confuse folks about the law — $400 million so far, actually. So before Tuesday, take a minute to make sure your friends have the facts about Obamacare.