Unbelievably Small, Hillary Clinton

It’s been one year since former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began lying about the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi, where our Ambassador and three other Americans fought to their death. And since that time, Mrs. Clinton has still not put her hand on the bible to talk about it.


No one has been ‘brought to justice’ for it. It’s like it never happened. Try to convince the families of the victims that it never happened. Try to give the American people amnesia so they will forget that it happened. Because Hillary said, at this point, what difference does it make?

Run for president Hillary, and you’ll find out.


unbelievably_small_john_kerryIn another unbelievably small action from another unbelievably small politician, is Hillary’s successor. John Kerry (who served in Vietnam), must have Syria’s Assad shaking in his boots. As further evidence that the U.S. military does not deserved to be commanded by Democrats of today, Secretary of State Kerry said that a military attack on Syria would be unbelievably small. What?

Here’s the military strategy as executed by Democrats. Never make the case that America’s national security (as opposed to America’s interest) is at stake. Then, publicize that an attack is coming weeks if not months ahead of time. Then, publish the intended targets in the newspaper. Give several weeks, if not months, for the enemy to move their munitions. Then, tell them, hey, it’s no big deal. We’re barely going to hurt you. Unbelievably small!  Then, after it is clear the president has no public support, use Congress as someone to blame, or to save his butt. Accept no responsibility yourself.

Yeah, that’s who I’ll entrust the life of my son or daughter to. As a soldier, I’d feel even less confident.