New York Times, ‘Government Programs’ End Poverty

A New York Times story on Obama’s economy includes this shameless spin of how good the government (the Obama administration) is for keeping people “out of poverty” by putting them on the government dole.

Government programs remain a lifeline for millions. Unemployment insurance, whose eligibility the federal government expanded in response to the downturn, kept 1.7 million people out of poverty last year. Food stamps, if counted as income, would have kept out four million. {emphasis added}

Downturn? What downturn? This is Obama’s recovery! He isn’t called the ‘food stamp president’ for nothing. The Times finally gives him his credit due.

No doubt there is a cure to ending poverty. And it doesn’t involve unleashing a vibrant economy, creating jobs. Just send checks to everyone below the poverty level. There, no more poverty.

Isn’t it rather obvious that if you have no job and getting food stamps, and the government is your “lifeline,” that you are in poverty, not out of it?