Shutdown? Debt! Shutdown? Debt!

If there’s anything to be learned from Liberals in general and the current administration, it is that a term like “debt ceiling” means only that if it is breached, then it must be raised.

What a difference a political party makes. President Bush left office with our national debt at $9 trillion. And back then, candidate Obama said that a debt like that was “irresponsible and unpatriotic.” So as president, what has he done about it? He has increased it more in the first three years and two months in office than Bush did in eight years. And is on track to double it, to over $20 trillion, by the end of his eighth year.

Now that they are in The White House, a debt means nothing. Just print money, depress the dollar, artificially pump up Wall Street to give an illusion of recovery, and hope the shit doesn’t hit the fan while they’re in charge. The President makes no effort to fundamentally change the notion that spending more than we have is OK. Instead, he calls it being a “deadbeat” for not paying our bills. He must be one of those kids that open up credit cards to pay balances of other credit cards, because that’s what he is doing to our country.

The meme from the media is all about government shutdown by Republicans, not a peep about irresponsible management of our economy or about fixing it.

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