Venezuela’s Chavez Nationalizes Steel Company

The hemisphere’s idiot, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez,  just nationalized another steel company. One that produces 40 percent of the country’s steel products used in construction.

“You will see at what price we buy them, since they belong to the people, and at what price we sell the rods,” he said.

Chavez has ordered several nationalizations in recent weeks, including a big fertilizer plant, a motor lubricants maker and a major local farm supplies company. This, after taking control of the TV broadcast media in advance of, and to the benefit of his party, Venezuela’s legislative elections.

Link: Venezuela’s Chavez nationalizes local steel company | Reuters

Khavari’s Common Sense Alternative For Florida

Florida gubernatorial candidate Khavari calls for nationwide mortgage strike

Miami, FL October 30— Noted economist and independent candidate for Florida governor on Tuesday’s ballot today called for all Americans to withhold their mortgage payments to apply pressure to banks.

“Foreclosures are rampant and there is no end in sight as long as unemployment is high. And there is no reason to expect unemployment to do anything but get worse,” said Khavari. “My economic plan for Florida will generate a million jobs in 4 years, but foreclosures will continue to rise unless we do something now.

“The banks brought us the housing bubble. They drove up home prices and wrote millions of stupid loans. Then they bet on the loans failing, using credit default swaps and collateralized debt obligations.

They won the bets and collected their money, so why are they crying? Meanwhile, they have raised interest rates, cut credit lines, and lowered almost everyone’s credit score, including the majority of people who never missed a payment,” Khavari said. “This has brought our economy to a standstill.

“Until we clear up the foreclosure crisis, the economy can’t move forward. And the banks are doing nothing but making it worse. They collect on their bets, then grab the homes and put families in the street using bogus documents. Then they sit on the houses because they don’t want to admit they are worth less than their books show.

“Every family in America lost out, but we bailed out the biggest insurance company and the biggest banks in America, and their employees collected billions in bonuses. And what have they done since but destroy our economy? The banks need a wake-up call, like a two-by-four upside their heads,” Khavari said.

“If every American family would withhold their mortgage payments, and save that money in a bank other than where they have their mortgage, we could get the banks back to come clean, or else get rid of them forever. Specifically, we must withhold payments until every bank does the following:

“First, issue a statement showing their total mortgage activity since 2006, and a summary of all the derivatives they speculated in, all the CDO’s and credit default swaps.

“Second, every homeowner must be informed of what the bank did with their mortgage, including packaging it, slicing and dicing it into so-called securities—and exactly how many derivative bets the bank made on that very mortgage. We’ll see how much the banks stand to collect—and from whom– when you don’t pay the mortgage.

“Third, every homeowner must be informed exactly where their original mortgage note is, who owns it now, and how they can see it if they wish to.

“Fourth, the bank must negotiate in good faith to reduce the principle balance according to the new market reality, which was brought about by the banks in the first place.

“Fifth, the banks must refinance at 2% fixed rates for 15 years based on current market value.

“Sixth, the banks must inform each customer how much money they donated for the past five years to every political party, lobbying organization or political fund of any kind.”

“The alternative,” said Khavari, “is for us to create the Bank of the State of Florida, which can just buy all the houses from the banks at the current market value, say 50% of the original value, and issue the 2% 15-year mortgages ourselves, while leaving the families in their homes. We have already shown that this could earn billions per year for the state of Florida while saving Floridians 50% to 75% of the long-term cost of owning a home.

“This will create a thousand times more jobs than any stimulus plan or tax cut. It would stabilize our housing market at prices that are fair to buyers and to builders. And our kids will be able to afford homes, too.

“Already foreclosure affects over one out of seven homes in Florida. If we wait to act until it is one out of five, it will be the end of our economy. Many people think this does not affect them. They pay their mortgage, they have a job, and life goes on. Well, just as a rising economic tide floats all boats, an economic tidal wave drowns everyone, rich and poor alike.

“The banks have abused their power to create money out of thin air and charge interest for it. Just when the economy needs consumer demand and spending, they raised credit card rates to 30% and raised the minimum payments, just to be sure that there is no available cash to spend on anything but paying the banks. Their time is over. A state bank could earn countless billions issuing 6% credit cards, and there is no reason the commercial banks can’t do that, too—except for simple greed.”

Khavari’s plan for a bank owned by all the people of Florida has received national acclaim and has since been adopted by gubernatorial candidates of at least three parties in seven states, and several similar proposals are pending in state legislatures across America. His job creation plan is based on organizing demand, rather than tax cuts.

“On Tuesday, Floridians have an opportunity to choose a governor who will fix our economy. I am the only candidate with a real economic plan. I am an economist, not a politician. We are in this mess because the banks and insurance companies have bought the political parties and call the tune for the politicians. More people than ever are voting against big party politics. This is a good year for independents and can be a great year for Florida,” Khavari said. “Be sure to vote!”

Farid Khavari, Ph.D., is a respected economist and author of nine books, including Environomics. His economic plan is detailed at He is on the Florida ballot as an NPA (no party affiliation) candidate for governor.

Bin Laden Audio Message

Yeah. It is this Muslim, and his followers, that the West needs to neutralize. Maybe NPR will rebroadcast this. Do ya think?

As an aside, even Bin Ladin sees America headed towards bankruptcy, were it a perfect world. There are some vacancies in Obama’s economic czar department. But left up to Obama and his advisers, we’ll just print more money, create trickle up poverty, and transform America into just another broke and lazy country whose people are dependent on government. Oh happy day. NOT

Link: MEMRI, Bin Laden in Audio Message to France: As You Kill, So Shall You Be Killed

Hang Tough, Campaign Noise On The Rise

In the closing days of the mid-term elections (and for weeks preceding) there will be no discussion on the issues that Americans care about. Nothing of substance from Democrats, the legacy media, and other supporters of the Left.

Bereft of anything positive to run on, what you will hear instead is she’s a bitch, a witch, and a whore. Have you noticed the vile attacks on conservative women lately? Well, I take that back. Have you noticed the attacks on conservative women since Sarah Palin in the 2008 presidential campaign?

Then there’s Obama himself explaining that half the country is just too scared to see what a great president he is. What? They have a reason to be scared, but their solution is based solidly on the fact that they don’t like where Obama is taking this country. And Obama isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer.

Then there’s the race card being played by the race-baiter in chief, our President, the post racial President by the way, telling his political adversaries to get in the back of the proverbial bus in using his lame metaphor of a car that he’s been driving for the last 22 months. That Democrats are playing the race card during an election is not new. It’s on page one of their play book. But for the President of the United States to do it is quite another thing.

And what’s the media’s take on all this? The answer lies in all the stories about the policy differences. Nancy Pelosi, we will not increase the debt. The lies Obama told us when he was selling Obamacare, then shoved it down America’s throat.  You can keep your doctor, your policy, your costs will go down. Any of that true? All that while creating jobs was his top priority.

Now there are reports of voter fraud coming from all over the place. Oh how well he trained ACORN back in the 90’s.

No, there will be no useful discussion about why you should vote for anybody. Right now the country is focused on stopping Obama from transforming America in the image of Europe. And the Democrats are focused on name calling and dividing us on racial lines. The media doesn’t see that either.

November 2 isn’t the end. November 2 will only be the beginning. So hang tough.

Obama Appointing Gay Officials

Offering more than just lip service this time, President Obama has made what is described as a ‘record number’ appointments from the gay community to various jobs in the administration.

In his last push to round-up those he has disaffected in his short tenure as President, making these appointments probably have nothing to do with an upcoming election where every vote counts.

One can only hope that some of them have a clue about free-market economics and creating jobs in the private sector. His record so far is not good.

Link: Obama appoints record number of gay officials

Redistricting Works Both Ways

Much to the chagrin of Big Labor and Big Law, and the ACLU, one of the responsibilities that goes with the majority party is keeping your districts properly represented in Congress. At least once every 10 years.

While most of the attention in next week’s midterm elections is focused on races for Congress and governor, results in scores of local, down-ticket races carry far-reaching implications, likely to dilute Democrats’ dominance in the once-every-10-years redrawing of political district boundaries for the U.S. House.

Link: GOP poised to win Congress redistricting edge, too

Videos On Politics And Immigration

Below are some videos that even the hardened Left can understand. From the funny to not so funny.

Here is a serious video that addresses world poverty and immigration. It is something that the thugs in the United Nations should be forced to watch.

The answer to world poverty can be summed up in one word. Freedom. That is what made the United States what it is in a matter of a couple hundred years.  When people are allowed the freedom to have the fruits of their labor, and not be under the thumb of a dictator or some violent and ancient theocracy, they will thrive. And freedom is the way that these people will be able to help themselves right where they live.

Given where we are today, this funny video looks 20 years into the future.

Funny, isn’t it?

Senator Barbara Boxer worked so hard for that title. This parody explains it all.

And then there is this gem. At a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters, the moderator Kathy Tate-Bradish, an Organizing For America member, scolded the audience for saying the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the debate. The debate was for Illinois’ 8th Congressional District candidates Joe Walsh, Melissa Bean and Bill Scheurer at Grayslake Central High School.

Apparently she had an agenda of her own. She should have embraced the idea, after she joined in the pledge herself.

The Executive Director of the League of Woman Voters and former ACORN worker, Jan Czarnik, accused supporters of Republican candidate Joe Walsh and tea party members of bully the organization. Right. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is something you should have to be coerced into doing?

Czarnik also characterized the 300 member audience, standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance as, “phony patriotism.”

Apparently, that’s the way the League of Women Voters roll.