Obama Appointing Gay Officials

Offering more than just lip service this time, President Obama has made what is described as a ‘record number’ appointments from the gay community to various jobs in the administration.

In his last push to round-up those he has disaffected in his short tenure as President, making these appointments probably have nothing to do with an upcoming election where every vote counts.

One can only hope that some of them have a clue about free-market economics and creating jobs in the private sector. His record so far is not good.

Link: Obama appoints record number of gay officials

Redistricting Works Both Ways

Much to the chagrin of Big Labor and Big Law, and the ACLU, one of the responsibilities that goes with the majority party is keeping your districts properly represented in Congress. At least once every 10 years.

While most of the attention in next week’s midterm elections is focused on races for Congress and governor, results in scores of local, down-ticket races carry far-reaching implications, likely to dilute Democrats’ dominance in the once-every-10-years redrawing of political district boundaries for the U.S. House.

Link: GOP poised to win Congress redistricting edge, too