Hang Tough, Campaign Noise On The Rise

In the closing days of the mid-term elections (and for weeks preceding) there will be no discussion on the issues that Americans care about. Nothing of substance from Democrats, the legacy media, and other supporters of the Left.

Bereft of anything positive to run on, what you will hear instead is she’s a bitch, a witch, and a whore. Have you noticed the vile attacks on conservative women lately? Well, I take that back. Have you noticed the attacks on conservative women since Sarah Palin in the 2008 presidential campaign?

Then there’s Obama himself explaining that half the country is just too scared to see what a great president he is. What? They have a reason to be scared, but their solution is based solidly on the fact that they don’t like where Obama is taking this country. And Obama isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer.

Then there’s the race card being played by the race-baiter in chief, our President, the post racial President by the way, telling his political adversaries to get in the back of the proverbial bus in using his lame metaphor of a car that he’s been driving for the last 22 months. That Democrats are playing the race card during an election is not new. It’s on page one of their play book. But for the President of the United States to do it is quite another thing.

And what’s the media’s take on all this? The answer lies in all the stories about the policy differences. Nancy Pelosi, we will not increase the debt. The lies Obama told us when he was selling Obamacare, then shoved it down America’s throat.  You can keep your doctor, your policy, your costs will go down. Any of that true? All that while creating jobs was his top priority.

Now there are reports of voter fraud coming from all over the place. Oh how well he trained ACORN back in the 90’s.

No, there will be no useful discussion about why you should vote for anybody. Right now the country is focused on stopping Obama from transforming America in the image of Europe. And the Democrats are focused on name calling and dividing us on racial lines. The media doesn’t see that either.

November 2 isn’t the end. November 2 will only be the beginning. So hang tough.