France’s Sarkozy, Making The Hard Choices

Doing what every nation in Europe needs to do (and the United States is no exception), French President Nicolas Sarkozy has the guts to do what needs to be done to prevent France from becoming another Greece. The European economies are over-run with debt and unsustainable pension plans, retirement plans, employment laws, and social welfare plans that they can no longer afford. It is to the point that reform means ‘taking away.’

We have the same problem here. It is just as serious, but not as bad. For now. But that will change in a few short years.

Labor unions like the SEIU know all about it. They don’t want to give up anything in Europe, and are fighting tooth and nail in this country, with the help of the Obama administration, to find a way for the government to bail them out of their un-sustainable pension and benefit plans. The plan here is to just nationalize industry, then the union’s problem becomes our (the taxpayers’) problem. And you see  how well that’s working out in France.

The amazing thing is that, having lived under socialism for over 60 years, Europe is trying to get away from it while President Obama and his advisors are rushing us towards it.

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