NPR Wins M.R.I.O.T.D. Award

A day after George Soros offers a million dollars to NPR, a left-leaning and publicly funded radio broadcasting network, for the purpose of hiring the right kind of journalists and reporters, Juan Williams gets fired. That fact alone has people wondering if the firing of Williams was not more than a coincidence.

All that aside. Let’s take stock into recent facts of history, beginning with the airliner attacks on 9/11 and the people who hijacked the planes and crashed them into buildings, killing everyone on board and about 3,000 others. Then add to that the warnings that the Department of Homeland Security, and both presidents since, have made over the years and again just recently in Europe, and as Juan recalled, the terrorist who last week said, at his trial in New York, that this was just the beginning of jihad against the West.

When Americans are cautioned to be aware of your surroundings, what does that mean to you? To me, it means exactly what Juan put into words. It’s too bad that the PC Left, and the Hezbollah supporting C.A.I.R. (Ameriphobes) prefer to not be faced with facts or the truth, but that’s their problem and should not be Juan Williams’ problem.

For their blatant firing of Juan Williams for the reason they stated, National Public Radio is awarded the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day award.