‘Shovel Ready,’ Obama’s ‘Read My Lips’

Couldn’t help but notice the comparison here. Bush 41 made his pledge not to raise taxes with his ‘read my lips’ statement at the 1988 Republican National Convention as he accepted the nomination. He made that case as part of his platform. Similarly, candidate Obama ran on jump starting the economy with ‘shovel ready’ projects. He made the same case in passing the $787 billion porkulus bill. But that’s where the similarity ends. For Obama, there was no time to read the bill. But the money was going to be spent on projects that could start within 90 days, he said.

Aside from Ted Kennedy’s funeral, what other shovel ready jobs were there? Today President Obama says there’s no such thing as ‘shovel ready.’

As for the media reaction. That remains to be seen. You will recall that they skewered Bush 41 after he raised taxes, relentlessly, day after day, front page, above the fold. (Isn’t that what Barack Obama wants to do today? Raise taxes?) All those who think the media will treat Obama the same way, please raise your hand. Be on the lookout for it. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think you’ll see the same kind of reaction. Even though Obama’s deception put our country into debt for generations to come, I think the media will give him a pass. But come November 2, I doubt the voters will.