Journalistic Ethics?

From Newspaper Guild President Bernie Lunzer, an article that calls to question journalistic ethics and journalistic objectivity.Who knew?

Journalistic ethics? Let me catch my breath from laughing so hard. Journalistic objectivity? No, stop. My ribs are hurting.

Link: Pushing the Envelope of Journalistic Ethics?.

2 thoughts on “Journalistic Ethics?”

  1. Lunzer seems to have a different perspective than I on ethics and objectivity in the media.

    From my side of the paper, the proof is in the output. And from his side of the paper, it seems to be who is paying the bills. ??

    Set aside all the media outlet ‘businesses’ and think tanks that George Soros funds that this same media mass seems to eat up. Lord knows Soros is objective. What? Lunzer didn’t address that point. Maybe there is a ‘part 2’ coming?

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