No Enthusiasm Gap Shrink In Florida

Washington reporter Jamie Dupree looks at early voting results in states where it exists.

In Florida, almost 800,000 votes are already in, and when you look at the party breakdown, you see that 52.8% of the ballots are in from Republicans to 33.7% for Democrats.

That the ‘enthusiasm gap’ we’ve been hearing about is lessening seems to be more imagined (by the Left and the media) than real.

Early Voting Numbers | Jamie Dupree Washington Insider.

Is Currency Devaluation Coming?

That’s what the group of global financial egg-heads like Timothy Geithner are looking to avoid. The group of 20, G-20, ended their two-day meeting in South Korea Saturday with nothing to show for it but words that express a need for some way to prevent that from happening. On the positive side, there seemed to be more faith in a free market than a government manipulated one to manage the global economy.

The grouping, which accounts for about 85 percent of the global economy, said in a statement that it will “move towards more market determined exchange rate systems” and “refrain from competitive devaluation of currencies.”

The agreement comes amid fears that nations were on the verge of a “currency war” in which they would devalue currencies to gain an export advantage over competitors – causing a rise in protectionism and damaging the global economy.

Funny how Geithner’s position on free markets changes when he goes abroad. Considering the negative attitude that Geithner and his boss have over free markets here, is there any doubt that we are looking at our future with headlines like these?

Group of 20 vows to avoid currency devaluations and G-20 Vows to Avoid a Currency War

With our debt sitting squarely on the shoulders of future generations of Americans, much of which is owned by China, it’s time for a new dynamic. Something that will maximize business opportunity and job growth. Something that will grow the private-sector economy. Given that the devaluation of the dollar is not a matter of if but of when, the imperative has to be growing the economy, not government.

That new dynamic is a bold replacement of our current tax code. The current tax code taxes work, investment, and productivity, everything we want, to one that only taxes consumption. It is called the FairTax.

Implementing the FairTax does not increase the debt. Aside from being progressive in nature, it will attract new international business and bring back trillions of dollars of business capital that has fled this country because of the current tax code. Putting $10-15 Trillion to work in the United States, in other words, letting the market drive the economy instead of politicians in Washington, is the best way to hedge against the devaluation and hyper-inflation that may follow.

And speaking of the FairTax, Gov. Huckabee challenges anyone in Washington to a debate about the merits of it.

NPR Wins M.R.I.O.T.D. Award

A day after George Soros offers a million dollars to NPR, a left-leaning and publicly funded radio broadcasting network, for the purpose of hiring the right kind of journalists and reporters, Juan Williams gets fired. That fact alone has people wondering if the firing of Williams was not more than a coincidence.

All that aside. Let’s take stock into recent facts of history, beginning with the airliner attacks on 9/11 and the people who hijacked the planes and crashed them into buildings, killing everyone on board and about 3,000 others. Then add to that the warnings that the Department of Homeland Security, and both presidents since, have made over the years and again just recently in Europe, and as Juan recalled, the terrorist who last week said, at his trial in New York, that this was just the beginning of jihad against the West.

When Americans are cautioned to be aware of your surroundings, what does that mean to you? To me, it means exactly what Juan put into words. It’s too bad that the PC Left, and the Hezbollah supporting C.A.I.R. (Ameriphobes) prefer to not be faced with facts or the truth, but that’s their problem and should not be Juan Williams’ problem.

For their blatant firing of Juan Williams for the reason they stated, National Public Radio is awarded the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day award.

NAACP: Wear Our Chains, Not Theirs

The NAACP has been down this road before. So has the President and his advisors. So has Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. But the more dire the political future looks for the Democrat(ic) Party in the upcoming mid-term election, the more we’re going to see the worst in them and their supporters like the NAACP.

Now the NAACP leaps into action and puts out the call for all black Americans to get back on their plantation with the accusation that Tea Party supporters, over half the nation, are racists. Get out there and vote for the Democrats. Keeping their power is that important to them. What they’re not saying is wear our chains, not theirs. The way this party and this group continually use the race card to obfuscate the real issues is disgraceful. Taking blacks for granted and treating them like mind-numb robots is even worse.

David Almasi of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network calls out the NAACP’s fraudulent accusations . . .

“Looking at the research that comprises this report, I find it interesting that it appears not a single leader of the mentioned tea party groups was asked for its background,” noted Project 21 member Coby Dillard, a co-founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party in Virginia. “Had this research been conducted, the facts would show that two of the mentioned groups are simply capitalizing from the tea party movement and that two others are for-profit enterprises. I fail to see, just as I did this summer when their resolution was voted on, how this report ‘advances’ black Americans or those of any color. The longer the NAACP stays on this path, the more they show themselves unable to provide solutions to the issues most Americans care about.”

But don’t worry about the heightened racial tension the NAACP is fomenting. President Obama said that his administration was going to be post-racial. I guess that means we will see him on the network news tonight denouncing the NAACP for their ridiculous accusations. Or, maybe not.

Link: NAACP Fails to Disappoint with the Failure of Its Latest Tea Party Attack

China Putting Mineral Embargo On The West

Have you heard? Probably not. Sad thing is, the President and the State Department probably haven’t heard either. Either that, or they don’t have the time to spend on national security and ‘our image around the world’ when the President is on the campaign trail. And where is our Secretary of State on this?

China, which has been blocking shipments of crucial minerals to Japan for the last month, has now quietly halted some shipments of those materials to the United States and Europe, three industry officials said this week.

That President Obama is so focused on political expediency to the detriment of his constitutional duties, qualifies as a dereliction of duty. Then again, he prioritizes as a community organizer would, not as a president should.

Are you feeling more secure now?

Link: China Said to Expand Rare Earths Embargo to West –

New York Gubernatorial Candidates Debate

The fringe candidates provided the most entertainment.  There was Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is 2 Damn High Party. But Kristin Davis, the Anti-Prohibition Party candidate was especially interesting. Her platform is the legalization of marijuana, prostitution, and gay marriage.

You may recall, Kristin Davis was the madam who did business with married client number 9, then governor Elliot Spitzer and now a TV host for a show on CNN. Now she is running for Governor of the State of New York. Among her greatest hits at the debate was this . . .

“The career politicians in Albany are the biggest whores in this state. I might be the only person sitting on this podium qualified to deal with them.”

Link: Fringe Political Parties Provide Entertainment In New York Gubernatorial Debate

France’s Sarkozy, Making The Hard Choices

Doing what every nation in Europe needs to do (and the United States is no exception), French President Nicolas Sarkozy has the guts to do what needs to be done to prevent France from becoming another Greece. The European economies are over-run with debt and unsustainable pension plans, retirement plans, employment laws, and social welfare plans that they can no longer afford. It is to the point that reform means ‘taking away.’

We have the same problem here. It is just as serious, but not as bad. For now. But that will change in a few short years.

Labor unions like the SEIU know all about it. They don’t want to give up anything in Europe, and are fighting tooth and nail in this country, with the help of the Obama administration, to find a way for the government to bail them out of their un-sustainable pension and benefit plans. The plan here is to just nationalize industry, then the union’s problem becomes our (the taxpayers’) problem. And you see  how well that’s working out in France.

The amazing thing is that, having lived under socialism for over 60 years, Europe is trying to get away from it while President Obama and his advisors are rushing us towards it.

Links: The State of the Welfare StateSarkozy defies French strikers on pension reform |  And closer to home: Public Sector Pension Funding Just Became Three Times More Fun